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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon?

Are you a bearded dragon owner just like me? Is it dangerous for your dragon? And want to feed watermelon to your lovely bearded dragon. But, having a question in mind can bearded dragons eat watermelon?

The answer is yes. Bearded dragons can eat watermelon but you should feed them as a treat only.

Beardies like watermelon very much because they love to eat red fruits however it is not a very good fruit for them like other fruits such as apple, bananas, and grapes. Watermelon contains round about 90% water. It is a very good source of hydration in summer for your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragon eating watermelon video.

Benefits of watermelon for bearded dragons

  • It contains a lot of water that is a good source of hydration
  • It contains Beta carotene and Vitamin C that are good for the immune system, vision, reproduction, and growth of your bearded dragon.
  • It also contains potassium which regulates blood circulation in the body of dragons.
  • The magnesium in watermelon helps for the better metabolism of your bearded dragon.

How often can bearded dragons eat watermelon?

can bearded dragons eat watermelon
Can bearded dragons eat watermelon?

Bearded Dragons can eat watermelon daily because they love red fruits such as cherries and strawberries. But It is recommended to feed watermelon 2-3 times to your bearded dragon per month.

As we already know, watermelon contains a lot of water, sugar, and phosphorus. And too much sugar and phosphorus are not good for your pet. You should avoid feeding watermelon on daily basis to your dragon.

Watermelon should be fed to bearded dragons once a week

Disadvantages of watermelon to your bearded dragon

Everything has two sides one is positive and the second is negative. If watermelon has some benefits then it definitely has some side effects as well. Here are the reasons why watermelon is not safe for your dragon.

A lot of sugar: Watermelon is a rich source of sugar as well. It contains a very good amount of sugar. And if we feed watermelon on daily basis to our dragon then it will get health issues like diabetes and other diseases like this.

Lower Calcium than phosphorus: The amount of calcium is lower than phosphorus in watermelon. So, it can cause metabolic bone disease (MBD) to your dragon. SO be careful about it.

This disease is very dangerous for your dragon. It can weak the skeletal system of your dragon and can lead to death if you do not give proper treatment to your pet.

Digestive Diseases: Watermelon is full of water. A small amount of watermelon is good for bearded dragons but a large amount of it can cause digestive diseases to your pet like diarrhea that can be cause dehydration.

Choking Hazard: Watermelon is quite large and slippery fruit. If the pieces are not cut properly then it can cause a choke on your beardie. So, you should care about the size of the pieces.

How to feed watermelon to bearded dragons?

There are two types of watermelons. Seedless watermelons and organic watermelons. I prefer the organic ones. First of all, remove all the seeds from the watermelon. All black and white seeds should be completely removed.

We should remove the seeds because these are not good for bearded dragons. After removing the seeds then cut the watermelon into very small pieces that your bearded dragon can easily eat.

After doing all of this stuff then feed 3-4 pieces of watermelon to your pet. Don’t feed it too much watermelon. Just 3-4 pieces are enough for a week.

Can bearded dragons eat cooked watermelon?

Bearded dragons are omnivores and can eat a variety of foods, including fruits and vegetables. Cooked watermelon is not a common food for bearded dragons, but it may be acceptable to feed them small amounts as a treat.

It is important to note that watermelon is high in water content and relatively low in nutrients, so it should not be a staple food in the diet.

Can bearded dragons eat watermelon rind?

This is also a related question that can bearded dragons eat watermelon rind? The answer is “yes” bearded dragons can eat rind as well. In fact, the rind has more nutrition than simple watermelon.

So, the rind is also a great option for your bearded dragon. If you want to feed watermelon rinds to your pet then you should clean the rinds very well.

After cleaning the rinds cut them into small pieces that your dragon can eat easily. After that feed it to your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons have watermelon juice?

Bearded dragons are a type of lizard that are able to eat both plants and animals as part of their diet. They can consume a variety of fruits and vegetables as part of their diet.

However, it is not recommended to feed them watermelon juice as it is not a natural food for them. Juice is a processed form of food that lacks the fiber and essential nutrients found in whole fruits and vegetables.

In addition, it may contain added sugars or preservatives that can be harmful to bearded dragons. It is best to stick to providing whole fruits and vegetables as part of their diet and avoid giving them juice.

It is important to ensure that their diet is well-rounded, containing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources to meet their nutritional needs.

Can bearded dragons eat watermelon seeds?

The next question is can bearded dragons eat watermelon seeds? The answer is “Yes” but it is not safe for them. You should avoid feeding watermelon seeds to your pet. It can cause choke or digestive problems to your beardie.

Can Bearded Dragons eat watermelon leaves?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat watermelon leaves as well. But, leaves are not that much beneficial for beardies. Leaves of watermelon are not safe for bearded dragons so you should avoid feeding watermelon leaves to beardies.

It can be harmful to the health of bearded dragons because the leaves of watermelon are difficult to chew and digest.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons eat watermelon?

You can feed watermelon to baby bearded dragons. Baby bearded dragons can eat watermelon and they like it very much. But, you should not feed watermelon too often to your baby pet.

Always be in the limit and before feeding watermelon to your beardie talk to your vet. Always be conscious about the health of your baby bearded dragon.


Bearded dragons can eat watermelon and watermelon is safe for beardies but you can feed watermelon to your pet 2-3 times a month. Overfeeding of watermelon to beardies can be very harmful and dangerous.

Only 3-4 pieces of watermelon per week are recommended for bearded dragons. Bearded dragons can also eat the rinds of watermelon as well, which is actually more beneficial than watermelon because rinds have more nutrients than watermelon.

However, the seeds of watermelon are not good for beardies because seeds of watermelon are choking hazards and bad for the digestive system of beardies.

Bearded dragons can eat watermelon leaves as well but leaves are not good for the health of beardies so be careful about the health of beardies while feeding leaves.

Beardies can eat watermelon seeds too but seeds are very dangerous for them because seeds of watermelon are choking hazards and hard to digest.

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