Can Bearded Dragons Eat Super Worms
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Super Worms?

Many bearded dragon owners are curious to know whether the bearded dragon can eat super worms or not? Either these staple food or not? Either these are dangerous or not for a bearded dragon? In this article, you will be able to know all about these queries. Firstly these look like mealworms, but these are actually baby supers, also called micro super worms. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Super Worms?”.

These have a lot more nutritional value than mealworms and are softer, making them easy for your beardie to digest. They are odorless, quiet, and very easy to keep in large amounts for a long time. Moreover, in this article, we will explain all the things to feed super worms to your bearded dragon.

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What is the right time to feed super worms to bearded dragons?

Feed one super worm at a time by using tongs. You can offer super worms to your bearded dragon in the morning when the lamps have been on for an hour, and it heats up your pet’s metabolism. Some bearded dragons prefer to eat super worms in the afternoon, so don’t be disappointed if your dragon refuses to feast in the morning.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Super Worms Every Day?

You can feed micro super worms to juvenile bearded 3-4 times a week, along with a variety of other bugs. You can initiate feeding super worms 4 to 5 days a week until they become fully grown that can take from 12-18 months. Once they become fully grown, you can feed super worms 2 to 3 days a week, some dragons also stop eating them.

Just like humans, bearded dragons also like diversity in the diet. It’s important to give a variety of different because some dragons refuse to eat Super worms. You should dust your bugs with the calcium D-3 mineral on every feeding and multi-vitamin twice or once a week. 

Where to buy super worms for bearded dragons?

To feed super worms, you will also need to search for a place to buy the super worms. People also order these from different online sites. We suggest you google for worms and find the best option to buy them. If you can not find super worms locally, you can purchase them online. The prices are affordable and competitive compared to purchasing at a pet store. Whether you have 10 dragons or one, it pays to keep super worms in large quantities.

How many super worms can a bearded dragon eat?

Super worm is one of the best food for your bearded dragons. In fact, bearded dragons love them if present in the diet of the bearded dragon. However, a good bearded owner always tries to take care of his bearded dragon. He knows very well that vegetables (green veggies) are more important than fatty worms. As an owner, one can expect satisfactory results from the diet plans of the pet bearded dragon. We can understand your concern so, we are going to explain all the cons and pros of the super worms. 

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Can bearded dragons eat dried super worms?

The dried super worms are safe for bearded dragons. So, you can feed super worms to your pet, whether these are naturally dried or freeze-dried. but they should be offered in moderate content and only to mature bearded dragons. 

 Pros of super worms:

They are high in protein, so they are good for growing bearded dragons. When dusted with Calcium and vitamins, super worms make a great staple feeder for beards all the way up to adults.

  1. Catchy  insects:

 Use the super worms to gain the attention of the bearded dragon toward the food pot smoothly. If your pet is not eating greenies, then place the super worms on top of it. The little insect will catch the attention of the bearded dragon in the food bowl. 

  1.   Activate taste buds:

Super worm is the favorite food of bearded dragons due to their cheesy and fatty taste. They stimulate the taste buds of the bearded dragon, so it starts eating the other things mixed with the super worms.

  1.  Affordable feeder insects:

Super worms are very affordable and easily available in pet stores or markets. You can store the super worms for the next use.

  1. Manageable Insects:

These tasty worms are very easy to arrange. You can keep the super worms safe for more than 3 months with no freezer. It means that super worms are better than mealworms and, reliable for only 3 to 4 weeks. They also need a low storage capacity. They can be placed in a container anywhere that carries 60 to 85°F temperature. 

Cons of super worms:

  1.  High-fat Content:

Super worm consists of 15% fat, even super worm also consist of minerals and proteins but the ratio of fat is inappropriate.

  1.  Bite:

It can be better to use gloves while feeding the super worms. Super worms even bite sometimes. Some pet owners suggest tearing the head of the super worm before feeding so, that it could not hurt the dragons internally. I am sure that you understand the importance and drawbacks of super worms to bearded dragons.

Super worms are beneficial, but sometimes they also cause harm as well. Though we have explained all the information above in this article, you are still thinking if a pet dragon can feast on super worms or if the super worm is bad for your bearded dragons. To make it clear, let’s extend the knowledge about this, you will understand more about this.

Can super worms be harmful to bearded dragons?

As mentioned above in the article clearly, super worms contain a higher fat content. They may cause harm to your bearded dragon if you over-feed your pet. You can not use super worms as a staple food because they cause obesity, malnutrition, constipation, and digestive tract problems in case it is over consumed.

Try to balance and moderate your bearded diet. If you feed the super worms every day to your pet, your bearded dragon will become addicted to these super worms. He will not eat any other insects and green veggies. Hence, overfeeding the super worms is not good for your dragon. You can also use super worm as an alternative foodstuff.

Let’s conclude:

  • Bearded dragons can eat the super worms if given as a treat. 
  • Super worms contain high fat. For this reason, you can not feed regularly to your pet dragon. 
  • Super worms are the best feeder insect, as they are very easy to store, handle and feed.

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