Can Bearded Dragons Eat Stink Bugs?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Stink Bugs?

The stink bugs are not good for your bearded dragon’s health. In fact, it is not suggested for Bearded Dragons to eat any of the wild bugs. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Stink Bugs?”

Stink bugs can make the Bearded Dragon sick; these bugs are semi-toxic for Bearded Dragons. The stink bugs carry parasites, pesticides, and other chemicals that can harm your little pet. Here we will also discuss what to do if your Bearded Dragon ingests stink bugs or any other wild insects. 

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Stink Bugs are semi-toxic for Bearded Dragons, so letting your Bearded dragon ingest one can cause health problems or even kill your pet. Don’t let your Bearded Dragon take any wild bugs, even if they are like the ones that you purchase from a store. It is impossible to know where they come from and what kind of chemicals they are carrying.

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Stink bugs carry parasites. While eating stink bugs these parasites can pass to bearded dragons. The parasites are harmful to the health of your bearded dragon therefore, keeping your pet in a controlled environment is essential for their good health.

It can be difficult to prevent the bearded dragon from eating a stink bug when you are outside with your beardie, but if you can stay away from the places where stink bugs are prominent then you can prevent your little beardie from this harmful bug. 

Why the stink bugs are not good for the bearded dragons?

Your bearded dragon can develop taste for stink bugs and may refuse other foods. The trouble with them is that your bearded dragon may start to prefer Stink Bugs over the other foodstuff and refuse to ingest anything else.

Stink bugs could cause impaction.

When your bearded dragon eats drink bugs it may cause impaction to your beardie. 

Stink bugs can carry parasites

Stink Bugs also carry parasites, and that are transferred to your bearded dragon when they eat stink bugs. Many problems can occur due to this, and this also happens quickly. If you see your Bearded Dragon eating a stink bug or any wild bug, immediately take your pet to a vet for a proper check-up. It is not suggested to wait and notice how your Bearded Dragon’s body reacts. 

Bearded Dragons are very susceptible to parasites. Therefore giving your Bearded Dragon stink bugs or any wild bugs is only putting it at risk because these are unsafe for your little pet.

Stink bugs can carry chemicals

These stink Bugs carry insecticide, pesticides, or many other chemicals that could hurt your bearded dragon. These bugs may look fine by their appearance, but they have been outside of the home where no one can monitor them.

These are semi-toxic to Bearded Dragons.

While some bearded dragons may look fine after ingesting a stink bug, these bugs are still unsafe for your Bearded Dragons. Your bearded dragon will get sick and you can not see into its digestive system, and the bearded dragon can not tell you how it feels after having the stink bugs.

The step that you can do to prevent your bearded dragon from eating stink bugs:

  • Keep a close eye on your Bearded Dragon at all times when your beardie is outside of the enclosure. Don’t let Bearded Dragon wander without your supervision. 
  • Keep a screen on its cage to prevent the wild bugs from flying into its enclosure if any bug enters the house.
  • Avoid the areas where such bugs are prominent. In the winter, stink bugs are searching for a warm environment. Keeping this in your mind, it is essential that your house should be sealed.
  • Make sure that your house is free from cracks for the entrance of wild bugs. You can use caulk to seal the cracks, window frames, etc. Fixing the screens and keeping the home clean can also help. 
  • Make a spray made of dish soap, water, and one lavender oil to spray the window sills and areas in your house or outside where you have noticed any stink bugs. This step may help in lowering the stink bugs.
  • Catnip is also an easy option that you can use to prevent stink bugs.  You can also sprinkle it around the window sills and the areas of your house where the bugs could get in. This will also prevent other wild bugs from getting inside your home.

What to do if a bearded dragon eats stink bugs?

If your Bearded Dragon ingests a stink bug, take it to a vet immediately. It would be best if you gave your Bearded Dragon frequent baths to assist them digest or get the bugs out. The vet may suggest medicines or specific food for your bearded dragon.

If you notice any of the symptoms like abnormal feces, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, loss of coloring, and dehydration (wrinkled eyes) then contact your vet for a proper check-up. Avoid your bearded dragon eating any more of these bugs by taking some safety precautions. It is not always possible to control your Bearded Dragon from finding and eating a stink bug but there are some ways to lessen the possibility of this.  


Stink bugs are not good for the health of your bearded dragons. So, stink bugs are not recommended for bearded dragons. Your Bearded Dragon may look fine, but you can’t see them from inside. They may be suffering from a horrible stomach problem that can kill your beardie.

You may see other people giving their Bearded Dragons wild bugs and insects, but these are very unsafe and can hurt your bearded dragon. One mistake can cause the death of your dragon. It is essential to take preventive measures for your bearded dragons.

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