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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders?

Bearded dragons can eat both plants and insects as they are omnivores. It is the reason that’s why people keep it as a pet. So, here we are going to explain Can bearded dragons eat spiders? Yes, so long creepier (that are eight leged) is not toxic. However, this is not the primary source of food for your pet.

Research reveals that Dubai roaches and crickets contain nutrients that are suitable and valuable for bearded dragons. Many spiders can eat bugs that have parasites, this can harm your pet in the long run.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat House Spiders?

Monitoring the movement of your bearded dragon and supervising what they are eating, become a much more difficult task. The bearded dragon is known to feast on almost everything. But it is not recommended to feed them flies and house spiders.

These house spiders and flies carry parasites, that they obtained from the prey. The parasite may harm the little pet for a long time. I recommend that you should know what your bearded dragon should and what things they can’t eat, it can save you from any costs of treatment. 

Cockroaches and crickets are found to be the best feast for your bearded dragon. Besides this, you can get the bearded dragons and some other foods from a pet store, and most of the foods are very affordable.

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Wolf Spider?

There are many hot debates about the dragon’s eating spiders. Most of the spiders that bearded dragons can eat are typically household arachnids. I have observed many dragon owners catching spiders and then feeding those spiders to their pets.

So, can a bearded dragon eat a wolf spider? Yes, but the species should be from venomous spiders. Bearded dragons feast on almost everything, therefore, do not give your pet any chance to feed this species of spiders. The poison from the wolf spider might put the bearded dragon at life-threatening risk.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Huntsman Spiders?

No, the bearded dragon can’t eat huntsman spiders as their poison is really risky for your bearded dragons. Due to poison in huntsman spiders, it is recommended to avoid feeding them.

Types of venomous spiders to avoid 

  • Brown recluse 

These spiders live in storage boxes, attics, rocks, and lumbers. You should not take a bearded dragon to such places but you should be very careful if you take your pet there. If your dragon eats a brown recluse, then get help from a vet quickly.

  • Black widow:

Black widows can be very poisonous to touch. They are venomous, so one cannot touch these spiders. If your bearded dragon eats one, you should call a vet for immediate help.

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Black widows can be found, in junk, piles of rocks, or in the barks of trees. You need many precautions if you take your pet (bearded dragon )to such kinds of places.

  • Hobo Spiders:

Hobo spiders mainly occur inside human structures. They often can not climb vertical structures very often, and you can not find them above ground level. The bite of the hobo spider is like the bite of the brown recluse. If it bites you should call the doctor for help immediately or get help from a vet if your pet ingests or eat one of the spiders.

The bite of this kind of spider might be painless at the start but it is absolutely serious. The place where the spider bite becomes reddish, blisters, and weep ulceration. It can result in headaches and you can suffer from weakness, nausea, fatigue, temporary memory loss, and impairment of vision.

  • Yellow sack spiders

These spiders can occur all around the world. They are medium-sized spiders, they only measure about 6-10 mm, and their color can be from pale yellow-green to pink. They can be found inside homes. Yellow sac spiders can bite a sleeping human. These spiders have a venom that is less toxic. Their bites can be painful and can cause skin irritation in humans, like pruritus, edema, and erythema.

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Wounds are necrotic but can heal quickly without much scarring, you should get medical help quickly if you or your pet are bitten by the spider. (or if your bearded dragon ingests one of these spiders)

Can Bearded Dragons eat poisonous spiders?

If a spider contains poison, then it isn’t good for your bearded dragons. If these are eaten by the bearded dragon, it can harm the dragon.  So, avoid feeding these poisonous spiders to your bearded dragon. 

Can bearded dragons eat spider plants?

No, bearded dragons cannot eat spider plants. Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are toxic to reptiles and can cause digestive problems if ingested. It is important to provide bearded dragons with a diet consisting of appropriate foods, such as insects, leafy greens, and vegetables.

What Bearded Dragon can eat instead :

These are a few veggies your bearded dragon will love:

  • Escarole
  • Bok Choy
  • Bell peppers
  • Collards
  • Mustard greens
  • Yellow Squash
  • Okra


Household spiders are not harmful to your bearded dragon. But it is not good for your bearded dragon. These household spiders might eat bugs that have parasites, and this can harm your bearded dragon. There is also good news that there are many household bugs that are nutritious and safe for your pet.

Add supplements like veggies and fruits to your pet’s diet. You should monitor what your bearded dragon eats. This will assist to prevent your pet from ingesting poisonous spiders.

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