Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary?

Bearded Dragons are herbivores, which means that they eat herbs. Beardies can eat various plants and herbs. They can digest cellulose that is present in plants. Some plants that Bearded Dragons can eat are wormwood, goldenseal, dandelion, and chickweed. Rosemary is also a herb used for cooking. It is used for flavor. But here, the question is, “can bearded dragons eat rosemary?” Bearded dragons can eat rosemary. However, you should be careful while serving any herb to your pet, as not all herbs are safe for bearded dragons.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rosemary at all?

Bearded Dragons can eat this herb only on an occasional basis. Rosemary contains high fiber, calcium, and a disproportionate calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. Your bearded dragon can eat rosemary in small amounts.  Keep on reading; this article will explain completely about feeding rosemary to bearded dragons.

Nutritional value of rosemary for bearded dragons

When it comes to beardie, the main things you should consider are protein, sugar, fiber, fat, acid content, calcium, phosphorus, and water. In addition, the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio should be 1:1 ( the ideal ratio is 2:1 for bearded dragons). Rosemary contains a good amount of fiber, calcium, and other nutrients vital for the bearded dragons’ health.

Can baby bearded dragons eat rosemary?

The short answer is yes. Baby bearded dragons can eat rosemary. This is safe for your baby pet in small amounts. Avoid feeding your bearded dragon large amounts of this herb.

Can bearded dragons eat rosemary daily?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat rosemary daily but in tiny amounts.

Can bearded dragons eat rosemary leaves?

Yes, the beardies can eat rosemary leaves. Remember that your bearded dragon can not eat this as a staple food. You should serve small amounts per meal because large quantities may cause digestive problems. Herbs have a lot of benefits for Bearded Dragons. They improve digestion and stimulate the immune system. They also improve blood flow.

What other herbs that bearded dragons can eat?

If you can’t give this herb (rosemary) to your beardie, no problem; there are many other alternative herbs that Bearded Dragons can eat.

Some of the herbs that your bearded dragon can eat are the following.

  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Fennel
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Oregano
  • Mints

Herbs that your bearded dragons should avoid

Some herbs are not safe for your bearded dragon. So, it is better for your pet to avoid these herbs.

  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Garlic
  • Sage

Rosemary should be just a small amount of the main diet. Your bearded dragon’s diet should contain various foods, some seasonal fruits, and veggies. By eating a healthy diet, your pet can get enough nutrients.

Fruits that the bearded dragons can eat 

There are also some fruits that your beardie can eat safely. Before feeding any fruit, you should have proper knowledge about that fruit.

Vegetables that are safe for your bearded dragon

Following are the veggies that your pet can eat. These are good for the health of your bearded dragon.

Insects that bearded dragons can eat 

Insects are the major food that bearded dragons can eat. These insects are very beneficial for bearded dragons; that’s why they constitute the major portion of the bearded dragon’s diet. Crickets, earthworms, mealworms, and Dubia roaches are beneficial insects for your pet.

Final Words

Final thoughts about “can bearded dragons eat rosemary?” The short answer is yes. Bearded Dragons can eat a variety of herbs, including rosemary. This is safe for Bearded Dragons. However, you should offer it only on an occasional basis. Although it is safe, it is not recommended as a staple food. If you are unsure about rosemary, you can offer many other safe plants to your beardie.

You can choose any herbs for your pet from the list mentioned earlier. However, there are also some herbs that you should not feed to your beardie. They can be toxic for your beardie, even in small amounts. The harmful herbs are also mentioned above in this article.

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