can bearded dragons eat red worms
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Can Bearded Dragons eat Red Worms?

Red worms are also called red wrigglers, they are small worms that are closely related to earthworms. They are sticky and long. Here is the question “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Red Worms? Bearded Dragons, like any reptile, need a varied diet that consists of various nutrients and vitamins.

Worms are nutritious foods that you can serve your Bearded Dragon. They contain proteins and essential fats that keep your Bearded Dragon healthy. However, all worms are not created same. Some are good for your Bearded Dragon while some are risky for your Bearded dragon’s health. So, here we are going to answer this question that is asked from time to time  “can bearded dragons eat red worms?

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Yes, Bearded Dragons can eat red worms. The red worms give a high amount of protein (almost 10.5%) and possess a very little amount of fat (2%). Furthermore, red worms are an excellent source of hydration as they contain (84.8%) moisture. But they should not be used as the primary source of food for your bearded dragon, they can be given as the occasional treat. So, now it is clear that red worms are safe for Bearded Dragons, let’s discuss some other things about this, how often can we feed the red worms to bearded dragons, and from where you can purchase them these worms?

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Nutritional value of red worms

Although, we know that red worms  make a very delicious treat for  Bearded dragon it is important to know the nutritional value of the red worms.. This will help us better to find the health benefits of the red worms.

  • Protein: 10.5%
  • Moisture: 84.7%
  • Fat : 2%
  • Ash: 0.7%

Benefits of red worms of bearded dragons

Red worms give an excellent protein source for Bearded Dragons. Red worms are an excellent food source if you are searching for high protein meal for your little beardie.

Protein is one of the essential nutrient  that encourages growth and assists maintaining the strength in Bearded Dragons. For baby Bearded Dragons, foods with high protein are vital for the development of bearded dragon.

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Furthermore, the red worms possess low fat content. Although, some fats are good for bearded dragon’s health, but too much of this can lead to obesity, and cause other health issues. Many other worms, such as Horn worms, contain high fat content. So, red worms are very beneficial and better than other worms when it comes to fat content.

How often can the bearded dragons eat red worms?

You can give red worms to Bearded Dragon once in a week. Red worms possess high moisture content, which, if overfed, may lead to digestion problems for beaded dragons. Although these worms are a good source of hydration for bearded dragons but too much hydration can be harmful for your pet.

Bearded Dragons are from desert, therefore their bodies can not to consume large contents of water. Basically, these worms constitute of two things: protein and water. So, they can be a great treat, but they should not be fed on the daily basis or you can not replace any other bugs in the bearded dragon’s diet.

How to feed red worms to bearded dragons?

Although red worms is a healthy meal for your Bearded Dragon, that does not mean they are the most favorable food to eat. Unfortunately, these worms can be a little bit difficult for Bearded Dragons to eat. This is because Bearded Dragons use their tongue to capture the prey.  Mealworms, crickets and other dry bugs can easily stick to the bearded dragon’s tongue.

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On the other hand red worms  possess a sticky coating on outside of the body. This makes it difficult for Bearded Dragons to capture these worms with their tongue. However, there is a simple solution of this problem: cover the red worms in some calcium powder.

It will not only make the red worms easier to capture it will give extra calcium to your Bearded dragon that is good for your bearded dragon. We all know the calcium powder is crucial for your bearded dragon’s health. Adding a small quantity of calcium dust will not hurt your little pet.

Additional tips for feeding red worms to your pet

  • Although red worms are small try to cut them in halves if your Bearded Dragon is a baby or having difficulty to feed it.
  • If your Bearded Dragon seems disinterested in red worms. Try to poke it with your finger to make it active. 

Can baby Bearded dragons eat red worms?

Yes, the baby Bearded dragons can eat red worms. You can feed them as an occasional treat. It can not be used as regular meal for baby bearded dragon due to the lack of some vital nutrients. Don’t forget to dust the red worms with calcium powder before serving it your little pet.


Red worms can make a great treat for the bearded dragons. They possess good range of water and a lot of protein. However, they are deficit in other essential nutrients such as calcium, iron and zinc so, they can be used only on occasions. You can feed it to your Bearded Dragons once in week or once in two weeks.

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