can bearded dragons eat raspberries?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries?

Bearded Dragons are omnivores that take a varied diet containing, greens, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raspberries?” Bearded Dragons can eat raspberries. This fruit is a good option in their diet. However, you should feed these fruits to your bearded dragons in moderation.

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The benefits of feeding raspberries:

Now, this is confirmed that your bearded dragon can eat raspberries, and they love eating raspberries. They are nutritious and sweet and the bearded dragons love to eat raspberries. They provide micronutrients to assist your Bearded Dragon’s health.

Raspberries contain many vitamins.

 It has a good amount of vitamin C; which is essential for tissue repairing, organ development, reproduction, and overall health. Raspberries also contain vitamins E and K. These vitamins are responsible for cellular health, and blood clotting respectively. These fruits also contain minerals. When the bearded dragons consume raspberries, they are absorbing iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

Manganese assist metabolism and magnesium maintain blood sugar. Iron oxygenates the organs and also strengthens the bones. Potassium regulates blood pressure and nerve function. As a whole, Raspberries do a lot of tasks to support the bearded dragon’s health. The Red Berries also contain a good content of carbohydrates, fiber, and water. The fiber promotes smooth digestion and carbs provide some much-needed energy. 

Step to feed raspberries to your bearded dragon

If you are willing to put raspberries into the bearded dragon’s diet, you should prepare the fruit accordingly. This is pretty easy with little know-how.

Find fresh fruits: First of all, get fresh raspberries.

It is always best for Bearded Dragon to eat raw, fresh raspberries. Must avoid anything that is processed or cooked as processing decreases the nutritional value of this fruit. Whenever possible, you should go for organic fresh raspberries. Organic products often lack chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, and more. They are much better for the bearded dragon (which will have a significant impact on the lifespan of your pet).

Cleaning and Preparation

Next, you will have to wash and then prepare this fruit. Inspect this fruit closely and ditch the ones that do not look perfect. Once you remove all the residue and debris, chop raspberries up into tiny pieces. You should try to keep these morsels tiny so that they are easy for the lizard for swallowing.

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How you serve them, is totally up to your beardie and up to you. Some of the owners like to put the fruit into a mixture of vegetables and greens. Some prefer to feed them as a special treat and serve this fruit alone. However, make sure to look for any adverse effects. Look for your bearded dragon’s stool in the incoming days to make sure that they do not suffer from any stomach problem or diarrhea.

Can bearded dragons eat Raspberry seeds?

Bearded Dragons can eat Raspberry seeds without any problem. These fruit seeds are so tiny, and they usually pass through the lizard’s system safely. No doubt, you will see problems if you serve so many raspberries. But if they are served as occasional treats, then seeds could not cause any problem.

Can bearded dragons eat Raspberries leaves?

If you have a Raspberry bush try to serve some of its leaves in moderation. Like this fruit itself, Bearded Dragons can eat Raspberry leaves safely in moderation. You should not use these leaves to replace the standard greens, however, you can put these leaves into the meals.

Raspberry leaves are soft and fresh foliage can have a good smell that bearded dragons love. These leaves have a long history related to medicinal use. And today, we can see people brewing dried Raspberry leaves for some drinks and teas.

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Can bearded dragon eat Raspberry jam?

Bearded dragons can not eat Raspberry jam, keep this simple. Never feed the bearded dragons raspberry preserves. Most jams have added sugar. This type of fruit is already enough sweet. Eating such sugary jam will put your pet’s health at risk.

Furthermore, preserves, jams, and some cooked Raspberry products lack the nutritional contents of fresh fruits, as heat destroys the essential minerals and vitamins. So, these jams would be mostly useless from a health standpoint. It is much healthier to stick to natural, fresh raspberries.

How often should bearded dragons eat raspberries?

It is important to make Raspberries an occasional treat as they can not be a diet staple for bearded dragons. At most, beardies can eat two or just one raspberry after a week. If you feed it regularly,  your pet will suffer many health issues. There are many potential problems with feeding the bearded dragon too many raspberries. 

The first thing is its oxalate content. oxalic acid and oxalate bind with the calcium to form Calcium Oxalate. The problem with this binding process is that the bearded dragon can not absorb and utilize the calcium content that interacts with the oxalates. As a result, the reptile can suffer from a bone disorder like Metabolic Bone Disease. The bones can be fragile, the fractures or deformities may occur due to this problem.


Bearded Dragons can eat Raspberries, but you have to measure when it comes to the amount of raspberry to feed them. You can only serve this sweet fruit in moderate amounts. Raspberry is nutritious and tasty, but your pet’s health can be impacted negatively if they are overfed. Simply follow the above recommendations, then your bearded dragon should be quite fine.

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