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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple?

Pineapple is tart and juicy fruit rich in disease-fighting nutrients, it is beneficial for human beings but Can bearded dragons eat pineapple?  Is the pineapple safe for a Bearded dragon? Pineapple is a refreshing and healthy fruit for humans and also for bearded dragons, we can eat it on a regular basis while Bearded Dragons can eat pineapple safely just one time or twice per month. 

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Immune system

 Pineapple contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which create a strong force against inflammation and other diseases.

Assist digestion

If your bearded dragon has the issue of constipation, then a little pineapple is good for your pet. As it is a great source of fibers. Too much fiber can have negative effects on the beardie’s digestive system. 


 The water content, carbohydrates, and manganese, in pineapples, supply energy and assist regulate the metabolism of your bearded dragon.

Healthy cells, heart,  brain, nerves, and blood.

 Pineapple contains potassium, folate, copper magnesium, and Vitamin-B6 all of these work to ensure your bearded dragon’s vital organs are functioning in a proper way. In addition, there is another good news pineapple contains a safe Calcium to Phosphorus ratio. Although the pineapple contains only a trace amount of calcium, it also has the same amount of Phosphorus, making this ratio 1:1. 

This amount is very important to consider because Phosphorus prevents Calcium absorption. calcium is necessary to keep your bearded dragon healthy. If a Bearded Dragon eats many foods that contain a high level of phosphorus, it can develop Metabolic Bone Disease(MBD). 

Why can the bearded dragons not eat pineapple regularly?

With all the above-mentioned benefits, you will think bearded dragons should eat pineapple frequently. So why can’t Bearded Dragons eat pineapple daily or on a weekly basis? 


It is not good for Bearded Dragons in high content. High amounts of sugar will cause many problems, such as obesity, liver diseases, tooth decay, and also cause death.


 Pineapples contain a moderate level of oxalates (oxalic acid). This creates an issue for bearded dragons because oxalate, like phosphorus, can prevent the absorption of calcium. Since this fruit is not rich in calcium, your beardie could develop metabolic bone disease if he eats pineapples every week or on a daily basis. It is safe only once or twice a month.


 It is highly acidic. It can irritate Bearded Dragons’ stomach lining and also cause diarrhea. 

Vital steps to feed pineapple to the bearded dragon

When you have determined it is safe for your bearded dragon to feed pineapple, follow some simple steps for feeding pineapple to your pet.

  • Remove the leaves and skin

It prevents choking and also guts impaction. (Slice this fruit into circular parts and then cut off the skin). 

  • Then Cut out the core of the pineapple. 
  • Slice the Pineapple fruit into tiny pieces. 
  • If you want, you can also serve this fruit with a few pieces of banana, mango or kiwi for a tasty fruit salad. You beardie will really like this.

What about other parts of the Pineapple?

Generally speaking, you should only offer the actual flesh of this fruit to your bearded dragon. All the other sections of this fruit are harmful to your bearded dragon.

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Let’s discuss the other parts, tops, core, and skin of the pineapple that are not good for your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat pineapple tops?

You may want to offer pineapple tops to your bearded dragon, thinking that they are good veggies. But in actuality, this is not a good veggie for your little pet. Don’t try this if you care about your bearded dragon’s health. Bearded Dragons cannot feast pineapple tops.

The tops have toxic enzymes. These enzymes will make bearded dragons sick. Also, pineapple tops are hard in texture, and it is difficult for the bearded dragon to chew them. This can cause choking.

Can a bearded dragon eat pineapple skin?

The bearded dragons are omnivores; but, that does not mean that they can eat anything. Some food items that you think are good, may be harmful to the bearded dragons. For instance, pineapple skin is one item to always keep off from your dragon’s menu.

The skin is full of tiny thorns that will hurt the lizard when trying to digest it. Additionally, pineapple skin is also rough, and your pet cannot digest it. So, avoid feeding this rough skin to your bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat pineapple core?

The pineapple core is very nutritious, but the issue with the core is that this pineapple core has a tough texture. Humans can consume this pineapple core safely, but this is impossible with bearded dragons. Digesting the pineapple can cause choking hazards. This is not juicy like the fruit itself.

Can bearded dragons eat canned pineapple?

Sometimes you might run off food to give your bearded dragon, but you can easily access canned pineapple. You can go ahead and use them; it is okay for bearded dragons to eat canned pineapple.  Canned pineapple is not recommended because of two reasons.

 First, canned pineapple has low amounts of nutrients as compared to a fresh ones. Some nutrients are also lost through the preservation processes.

Secondly, this canned fruit has added preservatives that can be harmful to bearded dragons. Therefore, avoid Frozen or canned pineapples.


Bearded Dragons can eat pineapple.  Get the ripe pineapple, then wash and slice this to the right size pieces for your bearded dragon. However, don’t feed your beardie pineapple tops, skin, and core, as these are very difficult for the bearded dragon to digest because of their rough texture.

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