Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mangoes
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mangoes?

The bearded dragon lovers often ask the question “Can bearded dragons eat mangoes?”. Bearded dragons love to eat sweet and juicy fruit like mango.  But can Bearded Dragons actually eat mangoes safely? or should you feed them other greens and fruits instead. Let’s discuss this thoroughly to see if mangoes are either good or not for bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragons can eat mango safely but mango should be offered to the bearded dragon occasionally. It should be part of a balanced diet because mangoes contain high content of sugar but low content of some other nutrients.

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Benefits of mango for bearded dragons

Mangos are safe for your beardie to eat. Bearded Dragons usually love the fragrance of fruits such as mango and it is juicy and sweet. Taste is more appealing than greens and vegetables. If your bearded dragon has been off their foodstuff, you can add the mango as a salad topper.

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If you cut the mango into tiny pieces, then they often pick up any other healthier veggie without noticing. It is not a good idea to serve in this way on a daily routine, however, you can serve after a week. 

Harms of mango for bearded dragon

Just like for any fruit, there are some concerns about overeating mangoes for your bearded dragon. Let’s discuss the main health concerns of overeating mangoes for your bearded dragon.

Sugar content

Mango contains a high amount of sugar and this can affect your bearded dragon badly if they eat it too often. It can cause obesity in your pet. Bearded Dragons can become obese by eating fruits if it is given on daily basis to your bearded dragon. The high level of sugar also cause digestion problems like diarrhea and stomach ache, this, in turn, may lead to dehydration in your bearded dragon and some other issues too.

Eating fruit has its place in the beardie’s diet, these should need to be served in the right proportions. Excess sugar may lead to problems for your beardie’s teeth. Laque maybe build-up and cause tooth decay. Eating mango in high quantity may lead to serious issues in your beardies like inflammation and infections.

Can baby bearded dragons eat mango?

Baby Bearded Dragons are also safe to eat mangoes just like the adults are. This being said that the concerns raised about overeating mangoes are more important for the baby bearded dragons. As the baby bearded dragons are growing almost every day, their requirement for nutrient-rich foods and high content of calcium is greater.

We should not fill a baby beardies stomach with food that is not going to assist them to grow. Of course, we can give mango and other some fruits as the treat from time to time. 

Can bearded dragons eat mango skin?

Although the mango peel is nutritious, it is often very rough for bearded dragons, so, it is best to play this safe and eliminate it from the mangoes before serving this fruit to your bearded dragon.

Can the bearded dragons eat mango every day?

Bearded dragons should not eat mangoes every day. As we already mentioned in this post, this is because of the fact that mango has high sugar content and is low in important nutrients such as Calcium. So, if a bearded dragon should not eat mangoes every day, then how often should your beardie eat it?

Well, there is not strictly any clear answer to the above question but we suggest your beardie can eat mango about once a month. The portion size of mangoes should be very small and offered with other healthy veggies or greens and also used as the salad topper.

How should bearded dragons eat mango?

Whenever we discuss the foods to prepare and serve to your bearded dragon, we must talk about where we get them from. We also suggest choosing an organic option to get the fruit, if there is one available. Organic fruits are free from pesticides and herbicides, so these are good for your bearded dragon’s health.

While preparing mango for your bearded dragon, cutting the mango into very small pieces is the best. In this way, they can eat the fruit very easily and they can also pick up some other veggies and greens at the same time even without knowing. Mango is one of the pretty straightforward fruits that you can add to the salad bowl of your bearded dragon.

Other fruits for bearded dragons to eat

Bearded dragons can eat peaches, plums, apples, raspberries, watermelon, cherries, bananas, pears, mangos, and papaya. While it is important to include fruits as part of the Beardie’s diet, it is advisable to keep the intake of fruits to a minimum, as no more than 10% of the total daily feed of your pet.

Beneficial fruits for bearded dragons

Apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, papaya, pear, and mango are among the beneficial fruits for bearded dragons and also possess a good balance of vitamins and nutrients. These can make a great treat almost once per week.

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