Can Bearded Dragons eat Maggots
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Can Bearded Dragons eat Maggots?

The bearded dragons are omnivores. They feed on a variety of food items such as insects, veggies, and a few fruits. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Maggots?” A good diet is necessary for the proper growth of your beloved pet. Therefore, you should be conscious before feeding them any kind of foodstuff. Bearded dragons can eat a vast variety of live foods such as mealworms, earthworms, crickets, and king worms; veggies such as pepper and sweet potato. They can also eat leafy greens i.e. parsley and kale.

They also eat fruits in a limited amount. Bearded dragons mainly fed on animals that make up almost 75% of the diet. Vegetables, veggies, and a limited amount of fruits make up about 20% to 25% of the diet.  Here we are discussing the maggots, their benefits, and their harm to bearded dragons. Yes, the bearded dragons can eat maggots, but these are not recommended for the bearded dragons because they don’t contain many nutrients.

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Benefits of maggots for bearded dragons

Maggots contain fats and a lot of proteins that are beneficial for bearded dragons.  

Harms of feeding a large number of maggots to bearded dragons

Maggots do not have carbohydrates or any sugar that contain energy for the bearded dragon, so feeding your pet with just maggots may cause malnourishment or obesity. Bearded Dragons require a variety of food items to obtain all the nutrients that they require, so it is best not to give them Maggots at all. Instead, try to give them worms and other nutritious insects. 

Maggots can be given to beardies, but maggots do not possess enough range energy so they can only be fed occasionally. Bearded dragons will eat the maggots if the beardies are hungry or trained to take them. However, they should be given with some other food with good nutritional value.

Can the maggots be a staple diet for the bearded dragons?

Maggots are not favorable as a part of the staple diet for Bearded Dragons as they do not contain enough nutrients to sustain them.

How often the bearded dragons can eat maggots?

They can be fed as an occasional treat if the dragon is hungry enough, but should always be supplemented with other types of food.  Nutritionally, they are not too bad (like waxworms) but they are not too good like a staple food. Maggots do not hurt bearded dragons occasionally. 

How to serve maggots to bearded dragons?

If you are comfortable feeding your bearded dragon maggots then you should not give them directly. You can serve them with veggies or some nutritious salad.

Can baby bearded dragons eat maggots?

Yes, the baby bearded dragons can eat maggots. You should keep one thing in mind it is not a staple diet so while feeding it to your baby bearded dragon or adult, you can only feed them occasionally. Also, it should be in moderation.

The food items that the bearded dragons can eat instead of maggots

There are many food items that you can choose from instead of maggots.


  • Crickets
  • Waxworms (these worms are only given occasionally)
  • Earthworms
  • King worms
  • Cockroaches
  • Butter worms
  • Locusts
  • Silkworms
  • Phoenix worms
  • Dubia roaches

Vegetables that the bearded dragons can eat 

Bearded Dragons can have a wide range of vegetables. Our food list tells you what veg your beardie can munch on:

The fruits that the Bearded Dragons can eat:


Maggots are the baby flies, the bearded dragons can eat maggots. These are not a staple diet for your little pet, but you can give them to your bearded dragon occasionally. Both baby and adult bearded dragons can eat maggots on occasions. It is not dangerous as a treat but it is not so good for the health of your bearded dragons.

Maggots contain a huge amount of protein. It also contains fat,  if it is taken regularly and in large quantities, it can cause obesity. It doesn’t have sugar or carbohydrates. In short, the health of your bearded dragon is not much beneficial due to the lack of nutritional value.

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