Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lizards?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lizards?

Bearded dragons are popular pet lizards that are fun to watch and easy to care for, which makes them one of the most commonly kept lizards in the world today. “Can bearded dragons eat lizards?” The popularity of bearded dragons has resulted in a range of products available on the market, from accessories to food. One such product, which you may be wondering about, is lizard food.

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Introduction to bearded dragon’s nutrition

If you want to successfully keep a bearded dragon, it is essential that you know how to properly feed them. Just like any other animal, these lizards need specific nutrients to survive. This guide will explain what reptiles and amphibians require in order to live a healthy life.

They require different things based on their age and life cycle stage (baby vs adult). If you do not follow their nutrition needs they could get sick or die. The best way to prevent illness is by giving your pet proper nutrition.

What can I consider before giving my bearded dragons lizard to  eat 

There are many factors to consider before giving lizards to bearded dragons as part of their diet. The fact is most lizards should not be given to your Bearded Dragon as they can be poisonous and toxic to them. So if you are interested in feeding your Bearded Dragon a Lizard then it’s best if you ask our customer care team who will happily answer any questions you may have about our Bearded Dragons.

What types of lizards are poisonous to my bearded dragons

Some people assume that any lizard, especially those found in their backyards, can be fed to their pet dragon. However, there are many species of lizards that are dangerous and could even kill your beardie. Before you feed a lizard to your beardie, make sure it’s not one of these lizards below.

Examples of those lizards that are harmful to bearded dragons

There are several different lizards that will prove to be harmful to your pet dragon. While all lizards look similar, there are some that have venom in their saliva which can make a human or a pet ill. Be careful of any lizard that has spines as well because they could also puncture your reptile’s skin. Lizards that should be avoided include iguanas, chuckwallas, basilisk, and collared lizards.

What type of Lizard is healthy for bearded dragons as food

The best foods for bearded dragons are insects and invertebrates. Some good insect choices include crickets, waxworms, mealworms, super worms, and silkworms. Reptile owners can even feed their pet lizards with frogs, toads, and tadpoles. These types of live food should be dusted with calcium powder at least once a week to make sure your beardie receives its daily requirement of calcium.

It is also good to put vitamin powder on them to supplement their diet as well. Depending on how much you dust your feeder animals can depend on how much or little you need to buy since they will not consume as much if they are healthy! Since reptiles are cold-blooded animals they need high protein diets in order to maintain a healthy body temperature and grow properly!

Benefits of feeding lizards to bearded dragons

lizards are also rich in Vitamin A, B, and E. The recommended amount of lizard to feed a bearded dragon will vary depending on their diet history and activity level. Feeding too much lizard can lead to obesity which is detrimental to your beardie’s health. Excess vitamin A (found in lizards) can cause vitamin D3 deficiency that can lead to metabolic bone disease (MBD). Always speak with a veterinarian before adding any new food source into their diet.

Lizard foods you can feed your bearded dragon

A bearded dragon is omnivorous and will eat just about anything you put in front of it. Insects are often used as a staple to their diet, but these lizards love crickets, mealworms, wax worms, roaches, and locusts—you can even use super worms on occasion! If insects aren’t your thing then you can also feed them vegetables such as green beans and kale.

What if your pet doesn’t like the food?

If your pet doesn’t want to eat, don’t force him or her. While some reptiles will simply push their food away, it is possible for them to get sick from eating if they’re forced to consume things they don’t like. Forcing a pet to eat could cause it stress and affect its health adversely.

How often should I feed my pet lizards?

Feeding is probably one of your greatest concerns when caring for pet lizards. This can be very easy if you know how often to feed them and what to feed them. The diet of a leopard gecko or bearded dragon will consist mainly of crickets and mealworms, but they also require fresh vegetables and fruit, along with calcium supplements. It’s important that you don’t overfeed your pet lizards as they could get fat and possibly ill due to obesity.

Tips for mealtime

Young bearded dragons have very small appetites, so it is often helpful to train them to feed. For example, place a few food items in front of your dragon and he will naturally crawl toward them and nibble at them with his mouth until they are gone.

After he eats his fill, take him back into his enclosure and remove all of his food. Repeat these steps as many times as you need to until your dragon has a full stomach. Once your dragon is full, he will not want to eat again for quite some time—so it’s important to feed him only when you know he’s hungry!

The best way to feed bearded dragons

When feeding lizards, it’s important to use a variety of ingredients. Crickets are a common food among reptiles, but they shouldn’t be fed exclusively. You can serve them along with other insects, like super worms and mealworms, or combine them with fruits and vegetables for an interesting mix of textures. In general, you can safely feed any type of lizard to your pet bearded dragon.

However, some types are easier to digest than others. Young lizards and skinks are easier for your bearded dragon to digest than adult iguanas or iguana eggs. If you’re looking for live food, choose smaller lizards as they have more tender meat. In general, most young reptiles or hatchlings are suitable as food for adult beardies.

Variations in prices of lizard meals on sale online

Reptiles need a specialized diet, just like any other animal. Lizards are omnivores, so you’ll want to try to replicate their natural eating habits as closely as possible in captivity. To help your little guy live his best life, we’ve got some meal recommendations for you! Here are three common lizard meals for sale online


Although beardies are omnivores, meaning they’ll eat pretty much anything, it can be risky for them to take on large prey items. Lizards have sharp teeth that could harm your pet, and their long bodies may make it difficult for your beardie to chew them into bite-sized chunks. You should always check with a vet before feeding something new to your dragon; even if it seems like a safe option, some critters may have toxins in their skin or bones that are harmful to your pet.

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