Can bearded dragons eat lizards?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lizards?

Like other pets, bearded dragons also need a well-rounded, complete nutritious diet to stay healthy and strong. Bearded Dragon’s diet mostly consists of animals. “Can bearded dragons eat lizards?” They eat small insects; however, they are mainly served crickets, worms, cockroaches, and other small creatures. Vegetables, greens, and some fruits make up 20-25% of the bearded dragon’s diet. Bearded Dragons have the ability to digest a variety of different foods. As beardies are omnivorous, they can eat various things. In this article, we are going to explain this question.

From the research, it is unclear whether Bearded Dragons can eat lizards. Some experts believe that bearded dragons cannot digest the bones and skin of lizards, so they can’t obtain the nutrients that the bearded dragon needs. However, it may be possible that beardies eat bits of lizards from the environment.

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Can bearded dragons eat yard lizards?

Bearded Dragons may have yard lizards, but it is not suggested because they can cause digestive issues if they eat large amounts of this.  Some bearded dragon owners state that beardies can eat any lizard (including the yard lizard). If the Bearded Dragon develops any digestive issues, quickly take it to a vet. According to some studies, larger bearded dragons eat baby lizards.

What happens If your bearded dragon eats a wild lizard?

Wild lizards may carry parasites and diseases that pass on to bearded dragons if consumed. Additionally, large preys are much more difficult for the beardies to eat safely or without choking.

How to handle it when your bearded dragon eats a wild lizard 

If your bearded dragon eats a wild lizard, then you should call your reptile vet for treatment or advice as a responsible bearded dragon owner. 

Is it safe for bearded dragons to eat captive lizards?

It is not good to feed bearded dragons wild lizards. It is unsafe due to parasite risks. You may believe feeding your captive pet lizards is just fine, but unfortunately, this is not recommended for the beardies. It is perilous and also gives little to no nutrients.

A few feeder lizards are available at pet stores and breeders that are somewhat nutritious, which the bearded dragon can eat with less risk. This lizard can also cause diseases in bearded dragons, so these are not recommended for bearded dragons.

Your bearded dragon will even choke while trying to bite off and swallow pieces of lizard or eat it. Now, it is clear that there is no real health benefit of feeding lizard to your bearded dragon. Still, many other better protein sources are readily available for bearded dragons.

What other things that bearded dragons can eat:

 Bearded dragons’ diets typically consist of various insects, vegetables, greens, and fruits. So, there is no need for the other lizard in the beardie’s diet.

Your bearded dragon can get enough (animal-based) protein from the feeder insects they eat.

Preventing the bearded dragons from eating lizard

A great way to prevent the beardies from consuming lizards is to supervise when you take your pet outside for exercise. 

Prevention is a great medicine, so always take care when providing your bearded dragon with a varied diet made up of vitamin-rich, nutritious foods, such as various types of insects, fruits, leafy greens, and other vegetables. People ask the question, how often the bearded dragons can eat?

Young beardies eat more often than adults. They require all the extra energy when they are in the growth stage. A beardie less than eighteen months old may eat 2 to 5 times per day. The adult beardie can only eat one time a day.

Can baby bearded dragons eat lizards? 

No, baby bearded dragons cannot eat lizards because they are unsafe for bearded dragons. The lizard can cause many digestive problems in baby dragons. So, feeding it is not recommended for baby pets.


From the above discussion, it is clear that lizards have many risks with no benefits. So, it is not recommended for your lovely pet as it is unhealthy. You can choose many other protein-rich and healthy food items that help in the proper growth of your bearded dragon.

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