can bearded dragons eat ladybugs
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ladybugs?

Ladybugs are poisonous to reptiles so it is not recommended to feed ladybugs to bearded dragon. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Ladybugs?”, bearded dragons cannot eat ladybugs as it’s harmful to your pet. Ladybugs can cause serious health issues to your pet. In addition, bearded dragons are also not interested in ladybugs.

However, if your pet eats a few ladybugs then do not worry much about it because it is not that much dangerous for beardies. But, if you find any change in the health of your pet visits the professional vet ASAP.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ladybugs to Bearded Dragons

Ladybugs are a great source of protein but they are poisonous too. However, if you feed one or two ladybugs to your bearded dragon it’s not very dangerous but not beneficial as well. So, you should not take any risk on the health of your pet. If your bearded dragon eats too many ladybugs then it can cause problems in the stomach of your pet. If you want to read more about the stomach disease of bearded dragons, you can read the article given below.

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Many people ask can bearded dragons eat ladybugs or not? Are ladybugs dangerous for bearded dragons? Bearded dragons usually do not eat ladybugs because these are very small insects and are harmful to them as well. However, if a bearded dragon eats 3 or 4 ladybugs then it’s not very dangerous for him. You should feed some other insects such as dubia roaches, crickets, worms, etc, to your beardies instead of ladybugs.


Do bearded dragons eat ladybugs?

No, bearded dragons do not eat ladybugs as they are not interested in very small insects such as ants, ladybugs, lice, etc.

Are ladybugs poisonous to bearded dragons?

Yes, ladybugs are poisonous to bearded dragons.

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