Can bearded dragons eat kiwi?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kiwi?

kiwi is one of the most nutritional fruits plants that contain vitamins, antioxidants, fiber calcium, phosphorus, and oxalates all these listed above have a great role in the living body. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kiwi?” Bearded dragons is an ‘omnivorous ‘means the ability to feed on both plants and insects. So an adult bearded dragon should be fed with plants as most of the diet to prevent them from too much fatty food which can cause obsess to them.

While the young beardie should be preferable to feed with insects as most of the diet as insects have high contents of protein. Protein can help in building and repairing worn-out tissue, which can equally lead to fast growth.

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An adult bearded dragon (lizards) can eat kiwi to a certain extent, these fruits it has the most nutritional chemical Content which are fiber, antioxidants, some important vitamin, calcium, and phosphorus. Don’t worry keep reading we are going to treat the health benefit of the listed chemicals one after the other. 

What are the health(advantages) benefits of kiwi to bearded dragons? 

The list of health benefits of kiwi to bearded dragons will shock you if you see how important that fruit are to bearded dragons in term of nutritional content. so we are going to be sharing a few but most important ones with you today!.

Name of the contentsUnits
Vitamin C92.70mg/iron
Vitamin D2 +D3

Some functions of the listed nutritional benefit of kiwi chemical contents to bearded dragons are.

  • Energy: this give the bearded more strengths to Carry out life activities like metabolic processes ,excretion of west product.
  • Protein: these nutrients has more advantage for young one’s than adults.Although kiwi as made it very low for bearded dragons which feet into there life .
  • Calcium:has many health benefits which are: it helps in formation of teeth and strong in muscles contractions and for proper functions of the nerve.
  • Phosphorus this mineral salt has the same unit content to calcium(these are 34 mg both) it helps in formation of ATP. and synthesis of RNA and DNA.
  • Fat: It has very low fat which helps the bearded dragons to be 99.7%free from obes food which can definitely prevent them from tooth decay.
  • sodium: help in maintenance of salt concentrate/balance of the tissue.

So with all these listed above benefit  of kiwi to bearded dragons . can we just look at that to be feeding our bearded dragons with  kiwi every-days ? The answer is simple No. We can’t give bearded dragons kiwi every day because they contain oxalates. We can only give kiwi to our bearded dragons once or twice per month. 

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Why can’t I give my bearded dragon’s kiwi every day?

Even with lots of health benefits of kiwi to bearded dragons it still has one chemical compound which made it harmful to bearded dragons. This compound is known as oxalate which is also known as oxalic acid.

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