can bearded dragons eat june bugs
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat June Bugs?

It is one of the rarely asked questions about bearded dragons. But, many owners are curious to know whether can bearded dragons eat June bugs or not. The answer is “yes”, you can feed June bugs also known as June beetles to bearded dragons but it is not recommended because of several reasons.

“Can Bearded Dragons Eat June Bugs?” June bugs are high in fatty acids so they may cause problems to your bearded dragon’s health. However, you can still feed June bugs as a treat to your pet. Here you can read more information about them.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of June Beetles for Beardies

Beardies love to eat bugs and insects. Moreover, many insects provide a lot of health benefits to your pet such as Dubia Roaches or Horn Worms. June Beetles also offer a lot of benefits to your pet if you feed it in moderation. Here are some benefits discussed below.

  • June bugs have a good amount of calcium in their wings, which improves the skeletal system of the bearded dragon.
  • These insects are a good source of protein for your beardies.
  • The balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio makes these bugs safe for dragons.

Now, let’s talk about the side effects of June bugs for bearded dragons. Your pet may cause some serious health issues if you feed these bugs on daily basis to them. Some major issues are discussed below.

  • June bug has a lot of fat, which can cause serious health issues to bearded dragons.
  • The thick shell of these bugs can be toxic to your pet.

How to feed June bugs to bearded dragons?

You can buy June bugs from different pet stores and then you can feed them to your bearded dragon. Here are some instructions that how should you feed these bugs to your pet.

Step #1: Always buy fresh and poison-free bugs for your bearded dragon. However, if you find it on your lawn then make sure they are pesticides free.

Step #2: Always feed live June bugs to your pet because live insects contain more ingredients than dead ones.

Step #3: Feed only three to four bugs per week to your pet.

Step #4: Never feed sick or dirty bugs to your pet.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat June Beetles?

Yes, baby bearded dragons can also eat June bugs but you should feed them occasionally. It is recommended to feed June bugs once a week. You should avoid overfeeding these beetles to your baby pet. However, you can feed Dubia Roaches, Horn Worms, and Mealworms, to your baby bearded dragons for more protein.

Final Words:

June bugs are safe for bearded dragons and bearded dragons can eat them but you should avoid overfeeding these insects to your pet. June beetles contain a lot of fat so it is recommended to avoid feeding a lot of June bugs to your bearded dragon because it may cause some serious health issues to your pet. However, these bugs are a good source of protein and calcium.


Are you June bugs dangerous for bearded dragons?

No, June bugs are not dangerous for bearded dragons but it is advised that you should not feed too many bugs to your pet.

Why should you avoid feeding June bugs to your bearded dragon?

If your bearded dragon has stomach issues then you should avoid feeding June bugs to your pet because it may cause aches in the stomach of your pet.

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