Can Bearded Dragons Eat Hornworms
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Hornworms?

The bearded dragons are omnivores. They can eat meat, vegetables, insects,  and some healthy fruits. They need many nutritious food items for their proper growth. Live feeder insects are a good source of food for bearded dragons. For the proper growth of your beloved pet, you must take special care of the bearded dragon’s diet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Hornworms? Yes, the Bearded Dragons can eat hornworms occasionally. They are not good food to serve all the time, but they are excellent as a treat. Hornworms are Caterpillar Larvae of the five spotted Hawk moths. 

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Hornworms have two types with a similar appearance. The Tomato Hornworm is a major pest in the U.S.A with the Tobacco Hornworm that are less prevalent in the north. They feed on Auvergne plants (eggplants), tomato plants, Tobacco plants, potato plants, and moonflowers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Calcium
  • Protein
  • Fat 
  • Moisture

Bearded Dragons can eat Hornworms. They possess a good nutrition profile. But, like earthworms, they contain a significant amount of moisture that can cause diarrhea and over-hydration. They are expensive to buy as compared to Earthworms.

Hornworms only are available in the U. S and Canada. Some researches show that they are forbidden in the UK. Hornworms contain a decent level of calcium with minimal fat, reasonable protein content, and no ash.

Advantages Of Hornworms For Bearded Dragons

  • They are Soft-bodied so, they are easy to swallow.
  • Easy to keep 
  • They contain reasonable calcium levels and they are dusted with the supplement.
  • The Hornworms are good for baby bearded dragons and adult ones.

Disadvantages Of Hornworms For Bearded Dragons

  • They have the potential to overhydrate
  • Illegal to keep in the UK

The ways to feed hornworms to bearded dragons

Hornworms can be easily fed to bearded dragons. They are relatively slow, wiggly, and nice, and also stimulate the bearded dragon’s feeding response nicely. One thing to keep in mind is that hornworms are not considered a well-balanced diet for the baby Bearded Dragons. They are low in protein content and high in calcium.

Here is how you can feed hornworms to Bearded Dragons

  1. You should dust the h hornworms with the multivitamin.
  2. Drop the Hornworm in front of the bearded dragon.
  3. Leave Hornworm for about a few minutes
  4. Remember to remove the uneaten Hornworms from the bearded dragon’s cage.

How many hornworms the Bearded Dragon can eat in a week?

Although hornworms are quite nutritious, they are relatively expensive and due to the moisture content in them, they can be only ‘Occasional part of bearded dragon food.  you can offer one or two hornworms per week. Just keep in mind that too much consumption of this feeder insect can disturb your bearded dragon badly.

Can Hornworms hurt bearded dragons?

Hornworms can’t hurt Bearded Dragons when offered according to their right size. As you should not give mature Hornworms to juvenile or baby bearded dragons.

Are hornworms a staple diet for Bearded Dragons? 

You should not feed Hornworms as a staple foodstuff to your Bearded Dragon. Especially for baby bearded dragons and juveniles, it can not be a staple diet due to their low content of protein. However, it can source hydration and calcium for your Bearded Dragon.

Can baby Bearded Dragons eat hornworms? 

Hornworms can be an excellent source of Calcium for baby Bearded Dragons, but it is not a good source of protein for Baby Beardies. Therefore, feed hornworms with some other protein sources.

Can juvenile bearded dragons eat Hornworms?

Yes, the juvenile bearded dragon can eat Hornworms. You can hornworms give them twenty to fifty insects per day, including the and some other feeder insects. This higher count is important for juvenile beardies because they require an extra amount of protein to grow properly and healthy.

Can the bearded dragon eat dried Hornworms?

Yes, the bearded dragons can eat dried Hornworms whether they are freeze-dried or naturally dried. However, you should feed them occasionally.

What can I feed to bearded dragons instead of hornworms? 

If you don’t have access to Hornworms where you are living, there are other sources of protein that you can give to your Bearded Dragon. These are all good options to keep your bearded dragon healthy.

Summary and conclusion

So, can Bearded Dagons eat Hornworms, and are these for Bearded Dragons OK? The answer is yes. In moderation, the hornworms are fine for Bearded Dragons. But feeding too many of this is not OK, as significant content of moisture can cause runny poops. So, You should provide this to your bearded dragon in moderation.  Well, we hope all of your confusion about feeding Hornworms to your Bearded Dragon has been cleared. Never forget to dust them with a multivitamin, which can make your beardie’s food more nutritious.

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