Can bearded dragons eat eggs
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Can Bearded Dragons eat Eggs?

Bearded dragons are omnivores and they can eat everything that a human can. So “Can Bearded Dragons eat Eggs?” it means bearded dragons can eat eggs. But, you should feed them eggs only as a treat. Too many eggs should not be fed to the bearded dragons as they are a rich source of protein and beardies get the most of protein from insects.

You should only feed scrambled or hard-boiled eggs to the bearded dragon. The adult bearded dragon can eat half egg twice a week but it all depends upon the health of your pet. However, younger beardies can eat half or one egg twice a week because they need more protein compared to adults.

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How to feed eggs to bearded dragons?

First of all, you should purchase fresh and high-quality chicken or quail egg. The egg should be clean and good-looking. After that break the egg and free it from the shell. Now, cook it or scramble it thoroughly without any oil, dairy, or any other ingredients. Keep it simple and healthy. After cooking the egg without any other product cut it into very small pieces so that your bearded dragon can eat it easily.

Big pieces of eggs can cause chock and they are hard to swallow for beardies so it is recommended to cut the scrambles egg into small pieces. You can also feed a hard-boiled egg to your bearded dragon because it does not any bacteria or sticky material. So, it is safe to feed hard-boiled eggs to beardies as a treat. Moreover, before feeding the boiled egg to the bearded dragon, you should tear it into small pieces.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of eggs for bearded dragons

Each food has some benefits and some disadvantages for beardies. Now, we’ll discuss the benefits and side effects of eggs for beardies.

Benefits of eggs for bearded dragons

There are several benefits of eggs for beardies. So, let’s discuss the major benefits of eggs.

Rich Source of Protein:

Eggs are a protein-rich diet and beardies need protein for better health, muscles, bones, development, and growth. So, eggs offer them a good amount of protein for better growth and health. Younger and baby beardies require more protein than adults so you can feed more eggs to baby beardies than the adults.

Good Source of Calcium:

Eggs contain a balanced and good calcium-phosphorus ratio. They contain more calcium than phosphorus which means eggs are good for the bones and skeleton system of beardies. Calcium is an important ingredient for the bones and skeleton system. It strengthens the bones and skeletal system of bearded dragons.

Contains Multivitamins:

Vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B are necessary ingredients for the growth, vision, immune system, digestive system of bearded dragons, and luckily egg contains all of these vitamins in a good amount. So, feeding eggs to your bearded dragons offers a good amount of multivitamins to beardies for better health.

Disadvantages of eggs

Eggs have many benefits but also comes with some disadvantages. Before feeding eggs to your bearded dragon you must have knowledge about the disadvantages of eggs for beardies.

Overfeeding of eggs can cause different major diseases to bearded dragons:

It is recommended to feed half or one egg once or twice a week to bearded dragons based on their diet. If you are giving them a protein-rich diet then you should avoid feeding eggs frequently to your bearded dragons because eggs contain a good amount of protein. Although younger bearded dragons need 80% of a protein-based diet they should get that amount of protein from insects instead of eggs.

If your baby dragon is eating enough insects then you should not overfeed eggs to him because it can cause some serious health issues to that bearded dragon. Due to a large amount of protein bearded dragons can cause liver diseases, diabetes, and heart failure, etc. But if your bearded dragon is not eating many insects and a lake of protein then you can feed one or two eggs to your bearded dragon. However, still, you should talk to your vet before planing the diet of your dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Raw Eggs?

It is recommended to feed eggs after cooking thoroughly to your bearded dragon. But, if you are thinking that can bearded dragon eat raw eggs? The answer is quite simple. You should not feed raw eggs to bearded dragons because it contains bacteria, which can make your bearded dragon sick. It can also cause digestive problems to your bearded dragon so you should avoid it.

Are eggshells good for bearded dragons?

Eggshells contain an unbalanced amount of calcium. So, it is not recommended to feed eggshells to bearded dragons. If you want to feed eggshells to your bearded dragon then it can cause some serious health issues to your bearded dragon. Although, if you don’t make it powder then it can cause chock to your beardie.

Moreover, it also contains a lot of bacteria that can make your pet ill. As we know eggshells contain a lot of calcium so if you feed eggshells to your bearded dragon then it can cause hypercalcemia, which makes the muscles weak and can cause the death of your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons eat their own eggs?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat their own eggs if they are cooked properly. And in many cases, female bearded dragons can eat their own eggs if they are left alone. It is very common in birds and they eat their own eggs in many cases. For example, hens also eat their own eggs if they are left alone without any notice.

Can bearded dragons eat egg omelette?

Bearded dragons can eat eggs, including omelettes, as part of a balanced diet. Eggs are a good source of protein and other essential nutrients for bearded dragons. However, they should be fed in moderation and not as a regular part of their diet. When feeding bearded dragons eggs, it’s important to ensure they are cooked thoroughly before being offered to the dragon.

Raw eggs can contain salmonella, a type of bacteria that can cause food poisoning, so it is important to cook them well before feeding them to your bearded dragon. When preparing an omelette, it is recommended to use only the egg whites and to avoid adding salt, pepper or any other seasonings. Also, it is important to use only a small amount of oil or butter for cooking.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Quail Eggs?

Yes, Quail eggs are almost similar to chicken eggs and have the almost same amount of nutrition so they can eat quail eggs. You can feed quail eggs to beardies by scrambling or boiling them thoroughly.

Can Beardies Eat Eggs Yolk?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat egg yolk as well as white. But, you should feed egg yolk to beardies from time to time as a treat only. Overfeeding of egg yolk can cause weight gain and heart diseases to bearded dragons.


If you are thinking can bearded dragons eat eggs then the answer is yes. Bearded dragons can eat eggs but you should serve them scrambled eggs or hard boiled eggs.

Eggs contain a lot vitamin, protein and healthy ingredients. You should feed only half egg or one egg to your bearded dragon in a week based on the diet of your pet. Do not feed raw eggs or eggshells to beardies. If you have any questions then you can ask in the comment section.

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