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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dubia Roaches?

Bearded dragons are omnivores, and can eat a variety of insects, vegetables, and fruits. One of the essential things about the Bearded Dragon’s diet is its variety, so they require a varied diet. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dubia Roaches?” Bearded Dragons can definitely eat Dubia Roaches regularly.

These are one of the best staple diets for Bearded dragons. They are also named as Guyana spotted cockroach, the Orange Spotted Roach, or the Argentinian wood roach, though Baltic Dubia is their Latin name. Dubia Roaches are present natively in central and South America.

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Dubia Roaches are one of the excellent feeder insects for Bearded Dragons. They are nutritious for the Bearded Dragon and also easy to keep. They are suitable for Baby Bearded Dragons and are considered an excellent source of nutrients.  The general thumb rule can be applied here. If the breadth of the dubia roach is lesser than the breadth between the Baby Bearded Dragons’ eyes then it is good for the bearded dragon.

Advantages of Dubia Roaches for bearded dragons

  • Good source of nutrients
  • Easy to serve
  • Suitable for adult and baby bearded dragons (depending on the size of Dubia Roaches)
  • Very easy to keep
  • They do not smell bad 
  • Can not bite the bearded dragons

The ways to feed Dubia Roaches to the Bearded Dragon

Dubia Roaches are easy to serve to a Bearded Dragon because they can not fly, they can not climb the shiny surface, and can not jump. So they are great to serve in a small dish or plastic bowl.

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Dubia Roaches can assist in keeping your Bearded Dragon hydrated. Dubia Roaches are really versatile insects. They don’t have a tendency to bite like crickets, locusts, and mealworms. This means they are relatively safe.

You can put some Dubia Roaches into a bowl of salad to provide encouragement or stimulation for your Bearded Dragon to take some salad. Dust both the salad and Dubia Roaches with calcium powder to enhance the intake of calcium for your Bearded Dragon.

How many Dubia Roaches the Bearded Dragons can eat per day

Adult Bearded Dragons can be given Dubia roaches one time or two times a week. We recommend adding the diet a little bit with the other bugs to supply some variety, but Dubia Roaches is considered a part of the staple diet. If you can not get another food item then Dubia Roaches will suffice in a good way, and provide a good nutritional spectrum.

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Baby Bearded Dragons can eat Dubia Roaches and this is recommended for babies. They require to be sized in a proper way. Make sure that the breadth of the Dubia Roach is not wider than the space between the Baby Bearded Dragon’s eyes. Dubia Roaches have less chitin in the exoskeleton as compared to other insects, it makes them a good choice for the Baby Bearded dragons.

Give your Bearded Dragon as many Dubia roaches as they will eat in almost ten minutes sitting. Put them in a bowl and just pick off one or two at a time. When considering how many of these Dubia Roaches to be fed a Bearded Dragon, you should know that its number varies by age. A full-grown Bearded Dragon can eat 3 to 5 Dubia Roaches at a time.  In contrast, you will need large quantities of Dubia Roaches for the baby Bearded Dragons. They can eat 25-50 of the Dubia Roaches per day and it can also be fed many times per day.

Can the Bearded Dragons eat Dubia Roaches:

Dried Dubia Roaches are available in various pet stores and online shops. We don’t suggest dried Dubia Roaches for a Bearded Dragon. The dried Dubia Roaches can not provide hydration to your Bearded dragon. The dried bugs possess fewer nutrients than life. So, these dried Dubia Roaches are not nutritious for bearded dragons.

Nutritional Data For Dubia Roaches For Bearded Dragons

Nutritional Items

• Protein

• Moisture

• Ash

• Fat

• Potassium (mg/kg)

• Phosphorus (mg/kg)

Can baby Bearded Dragons eat Dubia Roaches?

Yes, the baby Bearded Dragons can eat Dubia Roaches. The Dubia Roaches are very nutritious for baby Bearded dragons. They are safe for your Bearded dragons, so you should not worry while serving this to your little pet. So, you can clearly feed Dubia Roaches to your baby Bearded dragons but take care of their size.


Can bearded dragons eat Dubia Roaches or are these OK for your little pet? The answer is of course yes. As Dubia Roaches are easy to keep. They are quiet and also nutritious. They are long-lived too. They do not die off quickly. They are healthy in live form but not much nutritious in dried form. So, the dried Dubia Roaches are not suggested for bearded dragons.

Frequency of feeding Dubia Roaches :

For Babies: These are used as a staple food, you can feed this to your pet regularly (twice a day).

Adults: These are also staple diets for adult beardies, you can serve this to your Bearded Dragon regularly (one time or two times a week).

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