can bearded dragons eat dog food
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dog Food?

Many bearded dragon owners ask can bearded dragons eat dog foot? Is dog food safe for them? “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dog Food?” The answer is no, bearded dragons do not eat dog food and it’s not safe for them. You should not feed any kind of dog food to bearded dragons because it is specially made for dogs.

Dogs are carnivores with stronger teeth and dog food is harder to digest. If you feed dog food to the bearded dragon then it can cause serious stomach issues for your pet. The digestive system of the bearded dragon is sensitive and it cannot digest dog food.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Wet or Processed Dog Food?

No, bearded dragons cannot eat wet dog food or any processed dog food because it contains heavy objects and high nutrition, which is very difficult for bearded dragons to digest properly. It is recommended you should feed live insects such as crickets, roaches, worms, etc to give them more protein. In addition, you can also feed them different fruits such as apples, watermelon, etc as a treat

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Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Dog Food?

Baby Bearded Dragons cannot eat and digest dog food. Dog food can be very dangerous for baby bearded dragons. You should not feed any kind of dangerous food to your bearded dragon. Dog food is specially made for dogs, you cannot feed dog food to reptiles.


Bearded Dragons are omnivores so they can eat animals, vegetables, and insects. They can also eat dog food but cannot digest it. Dog food can be very dangerous for your cute pet. It can cause serious health issues to your beardie. Your pet can have stomach twitching issues after eating dog food. However, if you still have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.


Is dog food dangerous for bearded dragons?

Yes, dog food is very dangerous for bearded dragons.

Why we should not feed dog food to bearded dragons?

Dog food is hard to digest for most reptiles and bearded dragons cannot digest it properly that’s why you should not feed dog food to beardies.

Can bearded dragons digest wet dog food?

No, bearded dragons cannot digest wet or processed dog food as well as dry dog food.

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