Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cockroaches?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are a great food choice for insects because they are nutritionally balanced. Cockroaches are sold as foodstuff at many pet stores; but are cockroaches are preferable or suitable for your bearded dragon or not? If so, then how many cockroaches you can offer them, what type of cockroaches are good food for your bearded dragon, and what types are dangerous for the health of your pet?

Here you will clear your all confusion and get the answers to all these queries. We will also discuss Optimal Feeding Frequency and schedule, so make sure to read the article carefully. So, come to the basic point Can bearded dragons eat cockroaches? Yes, the bearded dragons can eat cockroaches.

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You can feed cockroaches to your pet daily too many times in a week( it depends on their age),  as they have been properly harvested to be feasted as food. You can offer your pet  3-5 cockroaches in 3 days (on the protein/insect day in the feeding cycle).

Nutrition in cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the best food for many reptiles because :

  • They are soft-bodied and high in protein,  and posses less shell and more meat than any other insect.
  • Cockroaches are the great source of calcium (with suitable calcium to phosphorous ratio) and also rich in many other minerals.
  • The very important and positive point of cockroaches is that they have low in fat and water. Because the high fat and water is not good for your pet’s health.

Benefits of feeding cockroaches

  • Taste:

Bearded dragons usually love the taste of cockroaches. So, your bearded dragon will eat them with eagerness.

  • Natural foraging behaviors

Cockroaches are easy to search making your bearded dragons soon identify them as the potential food.

  • Gut Loading:  

This means you can feast these insects proper foods in the time leading up to when the bearded dragon ingests them (up to three days!). This will enhance the nutrient/calcium profile and availability. It’s a good way to offer your bearded dragon diet (which is commonly recommended ). This lessens the requirements by other means, i.e. Calcium Food Sprinkling.

Disadvantages of feeding cockroaches

  • Expensive:

 Cockroaches are generally more expensive than other insects, especially crickets and mealworms.

  • Availability:

 Cockroaches are not much easy to search in pet stores as feeder insects. Most pet stores do not sell them. So, you have to purchase from safe retailers online, such as Amazon.

  • Specially harvested:

 you need to make sure that you only feed cockroaches that are purposely harvested for utilization. Avoid the wild as they can cause problems in bearded dragons.

  • Biting

Cockroaches are not easy to handle, and even they can bite you and your bearded dragon, so be careful.

Can bearded dragons eat wild cockroaches?

 Wild cockroaches or those types that we find around the house carry bacteria and parasites these bacteria and parasites cause diseases and ate dangerous for your bearded dragon’s health, so don’t feed your pet such types of cockroaches.

There are many other types of cockroaches that are edible.

Dubai roaches are very common and often available in pet stores and some retailers online. They are often medium-sized cockroaches and are suitable for many reptiles.

Can bearded dragons eat hissing cockroaches?

Bearded dragons can eat hissing cockroaches because these cockroaches have been carefully sourced. You should never feed your bearded dragon a wild hissing cockroach or other such insects as they carry parasites and other dangerous chemicals.

Younger hissing cockroaches are easier to eat, as their cover/shell is not much hard. Another thing, you should make sure they are properly sized with respect to your bearded dragon – should be shorter than the width between eyes.

Can baby bearded dragon eat cockroaches?

Yes, the baby bearded dragon can eat cockroaches, as it is beneficial for the baby pet too. But, you should not feed too many insects to your baby bearded dragon.

Can bearded dragon eat German cockroaches?

The German cockroaches may be harmful to your bearded dragon, so it is not recommended for your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat American cockroaches?

The American cockroaches are not recommended for your bearded dragon because they may cause health problems in your bearded dragon. Now we take a clear look at the nutritional values of cockroaches, why they make a significant addition to the bearded dragon’s diet.

Cockroaches are nutritionally preferable as compared to other insects. They make a good choice in many ways. They give many benefits; being nutritious, being comfortable to digest, and being good flavorsome than any other dietary food.

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Can baby bearded dragon eat roaches?

Yes,  Baby bearded dragons can eat Dubai roaches, but you should make sure they would be enough small to fit in your pet mouth. 

How many roaches can a bearded dragon eat?

The number of roaches the bearded dragon that you can offer to your bearded dragon depend on many factors:

  •  Age of bearded dragon
  •  Size of bearded dragon
  •  Size of the cockroach that is feed.

The dragon can eat them in their regular meal. Young bearded dragon (1-3-month-old) = 30 – 50 Micro Roaches (1/4-inch nymph) three times a day. Two times per day is also acceptable, but your bearded dragon will grow slowly.

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Can bearded dragons eat fried cockroaches?

No, it is not recommended to feed bearded dragons fried or cooked cockroaches. Cooking can change the nutritional value of the food and make it less suitable for reptiles. Additionally, reptiles can have difficulty digesting fatty or fried foods, which can lead to digestive problems. It is best to stick to a diet of live insects, leafy greens, and vegetables for bearded dragons, as these provide a balanced source of nutrition.

Can bearded dragons eat dead cockroaches?

All bearded dragons, require the part of the food to be Live insects. Dead cockroaches are not nutritional like live insects. 

How to feed cockroaches to a bearded dragon?

Always feed only one cockroach at a time.

This will reduce the chance of your pet overheating, being overwhelmed with many cockroaches, and prevents any biting.


Bearded dragons can eat cockroaches. Indeed, these are one of the best insects you can offer your bearded dragon. They are also rich in minerals, and vitamins, boast suitable calcium and phosphorous ratio, and provide optimal and high-quality protein, and are low in fat. They are easily digestible than many other insects and are flavorsome for your pet to eat.

One more point being said, the number of roaches the bearded dragon can eat closely depends on their size, weight, and size.

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