can bearded dragon eat cilantro?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

Cilantro is a tasty herb that is used in a lot of foods. If you like the taste of this herb, you will probably store a lot of cilantro in your home. Since there is a lot of this herb, you will probably be thinking if it is safe to serve your Bearded Dragon cilantro. As it is a herb, and also herbs contain a lot of nutrients. 

So, can Bearded Dragons eat cilantro? Yes, you can feed bearded dragons cilantro, but it should be served to them on occasions. This herb could never be a part of the bearded dragon’s diet. This herb contains a huge amount of vitamin-A.

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Is cilantro safe for bearded dragons?

Yes, cilantro is safe for Bearded Dragons to eat. However, this herb should be served to them on a limited basis. If you give them too much cilantro digestive problems may occur. Cilantro contains a large amount of vitamin A, as too much amount of this is not good for Bearded Dragons. If they are fed Cilantro too often, it will cause Hypervitaminosis A. If you are feeding Cilantro in moderations and also not too often, your Bearded Dragon will benefit from the nutrients of this herb. 

What can bearded dragons benefit from eating cilantro?

When Bearded Dragons eat cilantro, they surely will get many minerals and vitamins. This is beneficial for your bearded dragon as it assists to meet their requirements.

Cilantro, also called coriander, has many benefits for Bearded Dragons, including vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, and more. Here are the nutritional benefits and values Bearded Dragon will get from cilantro:


Calcium is very important for maintaining strong teeth and bones. Bearded Dragons that eat this weed will gain a good content of calcium. For example, 10 grams of cilantro has almost 0.7 mg of Calcium. The quantity of calcium in Cilantro is not much, so feeding it to bearded dragons regularly, can assist to improve the dietary Calcium intake of your pet.

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Note: If your beardie has a calcium deficiency, this may show signs of calcium deficiency as loss in coloration, stunted growth, lethargy, and indigestion.

Components of Cilantro

  • Antioxidants – assists to prevent inflammation and also protect the cells against Free Radicals. So, it is beneficial for a bearded dragon to take cilantro on weekly basis to assist improve its health.
  • Vitamin A, C – These vitamins are Important for growth, reproduction, maintaining the immune system, vision, and repair of tissue and organ.
  • Vitamin K – It helps to promote healthy tissues and maintain the blood cells. A Bearded Dragon that eats Cilantro will get a sufficient amount of Vitamin K, which is necessary for blood clots and also to repair damage caused by wounds or cuts.
  • Potassium – It is Important in regulating blood pressure. Eating it regularly can give your reptile a good quantity of potassium that they need for its diet.
  • Magnesium –  It aids metabolism.
  • Fiber – It promotes digestion.
  • Calcium – It promotes bone growth and also supports overall health.

Calcium to Phosphorus is the appropriate ratio, which is great for beardies. If this ratio is incorrect, it leads to many health problems for them. One of the health issues is a metabolic bone disease (MBD). This disease can occur in bearded dragons or in any reptiles. It occurs when the reptiles are fed food item that has inappropriate calcium and phosphorus ratio.

Can bearded dragons eat cooked Cilantro?

Bearded dragons can not eat cooked cilantro. When the cilantro is cooked, this will contain a lot of moisture. It will be an issue for them. Too much water content may cause diarrhea and digestive problems.

Cooked cilantro loses many of its nutrients. That means serving bearded dragon-cooked cilantro is similar to giving them water. Cooking and serving cilantro to bearded dragons will assist keep them hydrated for a short time.  This can be used as a temporary food item until you are able to purchase staple food for your pet.

Can bearded dragons eat frozen cilantro?

Yes, the bearded dragons can eat frozen cilantro. Before serving this cilantro to your pet, make sure it should be entirely thawed. It can not be served too often and huge amounts of this weed also cause problems for the beardies.

Can bearded dragons eat the stems of cilantro?

Like other portions of cilantro, stems can be served to bearded dragons. Before feasting it, you have to cut them into tiny pieces because eating the entire stem is difficult to chew and can be a choking hazard.

How often the beardie can eat cilantro?

It can be given to them after a day. These should not be given on daily basis. As a staple food item, these are not recommended for bearded dragons.

 Why cilantro can not be part of the staple diet of the Bearded Dragon?

Due to the high content of water and too few minerals and vitamins in cilantro, it should not be used as a staple food. 

How to feed Cilantro to bearded dragons?

To feed cilantro to bearded dragons, you can feed it alone and also mix this weed with some other vegetables. At the start, you can serve cilantro with some other veggies. Once the bearded dragon gets used to its taste, you can serve the cilantro alone to your pet.

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First of all, clean this veggie first. It will remove pests and contaminants from the Cilantro. When it is cleaned, chop these herbs into smaller pieces that are digestible.

Other herbs that the bearded dragons can eat?

Besides cilantro, the following are the herbs that you can give to your bearded dragon. 

  • oregano
  • dill
  • basil
  • mint
  • parsley
  • chives
  • rosemary

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