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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries

Want to feed some delicious, healthy, and sweet cherries to your bearded dragon? And thinking Can bearded dragons eat Cherries? Are cherries good for the health of bearded dragons or bad for them? Should you feed it to your beardie or avoid it?

“Yes”, bearded dragons can eat cherries but not daily. Cherries should be fed to beardies 3-4 times a month. You should avoid feeding cherries on daily basis to your pet. It can cause some health issues to your bearded dragon. So, always take care of the health of your bearded dragon.

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bearded dragon eating cherries

How often can bearded dragons eat cherries?

Bearded dragons can eat cherries daily but you should not feed them daily. They love to eat red fruits and love cherries as well. But, Feeding cherries daily to beardies can lead to serious diseases that can cause the death of your pet. So always be careful about the health of your pet. You should feed a few cherries 3-4 times a month to your beardie.

If your pet has already some health issues, first talk to your vet and then feed it cherries or other fruits such as watermelon, blackberries, etc. Never do overfeed any fruit or veggie to your dragon. Bearded dragons are very sensitive reptiles regarding health. You have to feed them carefully. Always feed them staying in the safe limit.

How to feed cherries to bearded dragons?

can bearded dragons eat cherries
can bearded dragons eat cherries?

This is also a question worth answering. How should you feed cherries to bearded dragons? First of all, you should choose healthy, fresh, and chemical-free cherries. After getting fresh and healthy cherries, follow these steps. Wash cherries completely and make sure no dust particles or other chemicals are left on the surface of cherries. Because dust particles or chemicals can be harmful to the digestive system of your pet.

Now, remove the pit of cherries. Because pit can cause issues in the gut of your bearded dragon. So, it is better to remove it. After that, cut the cherries into small pieces that your pet can easily eat. If your pet is small then make sure about the size of pieces of cherries. Now feed it your pet but make sure do not feed too many cherries to your beardie.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cherries for bearded dragons

Cherries have many benefits for the bearded dragon but has also some negative effects on the health of beardies. So here are some major benefits and side effects of cherries for the bearded dragon.

Benefits of cherries for bearded dragons

Cherries contain a lot of important nutrients, which are good for the health of beardies. Here are some important nutrients and their benefits.

Potassium: Cherries contain a good amount of potassium. Potassium is very helpful for the muscles and kidneys of bearded dragons.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is also available in cherries. Vitamin C improves the immune system, health, and digestive system of bearded dragons.

Manganese: Manganese is another important nutrient, which is helpful for the better metabolism of bearded dragons.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are important for the skin of beardies. Antioxidants also prevent inflammation in beardies.

Copper: Cherry also contains copper which is very useful for healthy blood cells.

Cherries contain almost all key nutrients for the beardies but why can’t you feed cherries daily to beardies? You can’t feed cherries daily to bearded dragons but it also has some side effects on the health of bearded dragons.

Side Effects of Cherries for bearded dragons

Cherries are good for beardies but also have some serious side effects. Here are some disadvantages of cherries for bearded dragons.

A lot of Sugar: Cherries are sugar-rich fruits and contain a lot of sugar. Bearded dragons do not need a lot of sugar. They cannot absorb a large amount of sugar. But, cherry contains a lot of sugar.

If you feed cherries daily to your bearded dragon it can cause diabetes to your pet, heart failure, or kidney problems because cherries have a huge amount of sugar. So be careful about sugar while feeding any sugar-rich fruit to your pet.

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio: It is recommended that you should feed a calcium-rich diet to your beardies. And you should avoid those diets, which contain more phosphorus than calcium.

The cherry is one of those fruits which have more phosphorus than calcium. Phosphorus binds with calcium and prevents calcium absorption into the bloodstream of beardies. If you feed a phosphorus-rich diet to your beardie it can cause him calcium deficiency and as result, you will see bone disease such as Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). So, you should feed cherries once or twice a month to your dragon just as a treat.

Can beardies eat frozen cherries?

While selecting the best cherries for bearded dragons you have a question can beardies eat frozen cherries? Are frozen cherries good for beardies? The answer to this question is “yes”, bearded dragons can eat frozen cherries and it is a better option than canned or dried cherries. Make sure frozen cherries should not contain any chemicals. You can feed frozen cherries to your dragon but first, keep them at room temperature.

Can beardies eat canned cherries?

Canned cherries are not for the bearded dragons at all. These contain a lot of chemicals and can cause serious health problems to your pet. Canned cherries are very dangerous for beardies due to chemicals. So, you should avoid feeding canned cherries to your pet.

Can bearded dragon eat dried cherries?

This is also another interesting question worth answering. Dried cherries are difficult to chew and contain a lot of sugar. Avoid feeding dried cherries to your bearded dragon. Dried cherries are not a good option for any reptile.

Can bearded dragons eat cherry leaves or pits?

Cherry leaves or pits are not good for bearded dragons at all. It can cause digestive issues to beardies. Avoid feeding leaves or pits to your beardie. Bearded dragons are very sensitive reptiles so you should feed them only safe and worthy food. Any negligence can cause the death of your lovely bearded dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Black Cherries?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat black cherries too, but you should not feed them too often. Avoid feeding many cherries to beardies. Because black cherries also contain a lot of sugar and can cause diabetes to your pet. Beardies love red color so they like red cherries more than black cherries.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherry Blossoms?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat cherry blossoms but you should not feed them. Cherry blossoms are harmful to the health of beardies. In fact, you should avoid feeding all types of blossoms to your dragon. Blossoms can cause digestive and throat issues to your pet.


Bearded dragons can eat cherries and they love to eat fruits like cherry. But, the bearded dragons cannot eat cherries on a daily or regular basis. Because cherries are sugar and phosphorus-rich fruit. It can cause serious health issues to bearded dragons if you feed cherries daily to your beardies. It is recommended to feed cherries once or twice a month to your bearded dragon.

If you have already fed a sugar-rich diet to your pet then avoid feeding cherries to your beardie because it may cause diabetes, heath disease, or kidney disease to your pet. These serious diseases can lead to the death of your pet. Before feeding any new fruit to your pet must talk with your vet or make sure that is it good for your bearded dragon or not.

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