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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cheese

Want to feed cheese to your bearded dragon and thinking can bearded dragons eat cheese? Is it good or harmful for them? Should you feed cheese to your dragon or not? Here is the answer.

“Yes” Bearded dragons can eat cheese but it is not good for them. Cheese is harmful to the digestive system of beardies. It can cause diarrhea and other kinds of digestive problems to your pet.

The vet does not recommend cheese for bearded dragons at all. Due to diarrhea or other digestive diseases, your pet can have serious health issues. So avoid feeding cheese to your bearded dragon. Cheese also has some positive effects as well. If the digestive system of your beardie is strong enough to digest cheese. You can feed it. It is a calcium-rich dairy product that is good for healthy bones and the skeleton of beardies.

can bearded dragons eat cheese
can bearded dragons eat cheese

How often can bearded dragons eat cheese?

Bearded dragons can eat cheese daily but you should never feed cheese daily to your dragon. You should feed cheese 1 time a month to your bearded dragon just as a treat. Don’t feed too much cheese to your beardie because it can cause him serious digestive issues. It is not a healthy diet for bearded dragons. So, you should avoid it.

How to feed cheese to bearded dragons?

You should always avoid feeding large amount of cheese or any other dairy products to your bearded dragon. If you want to feed cheese to your lovely bearded dragon then give it small amounts of cheese. You need hard cheese then cut it into small pieces and feed it to your dragon with salad or without salad. If you give it with salad it would be great. Never feed too much cheese to your dragon. And feed once a month to your dragon as a treat. It will complete the calcium deficiency of your dragon.

Why cheese is dangerous for bearded dragons?

Cheese is dangerous for bearded dragons because almost all dairy products are not good for beardies. Bearded dragons cannot digest dairy products because of their sensitive digestive system. If your pet gets a problem with cheese then it can cause some serious health issues to your dragon. Your dragon may get diarrhea due to cheese and can lead to the death of your pet. So, be careful about dairy products.

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