Can Bearded Dragons Eat Calci Worms?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Calci Worms?

Bearded dragons need a varied diet (with good nutritional value) for their proper diet. Insects are the main components of a bearded dragon’s diet. They are vital for the bearded dragon’s health. There are many insects and worms that your bearded dragon can eat. Here, the question is, “Can bearded dragons eat calci worms?  Yes. The bearded dragons can eat calci worms.

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Nutritional value of Calci worms

Calci worms have great nutritional value. Such as the ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus, and lauric acid.  Now, you have come to know that they are beneficial for your bearded dragon. Now, we will explain more about calci worms and bearded dragons. The Calci worm is a larva or maggot of the Black Soldier Fly.

Don’t confuse it with’s name; it has many different names, which are:

  • Repti worm
  • Phoenix worm
  • Calci Worm

Even though the names are different, they are actually the same thing. It stores high amounts of calcium and fat in the pupa stage of its life cycle. That’s why it is known as a calci worm.

Benefits of Calci Worms for bearded dragons

Some of the benefits of calci worms for your bearded dragons are discussed below.

Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain calci worms as you can keep them at room temperature. You can keep them without refrigerating them.

High-fat contents

This is the fact that they contain high content of fat, so be careful while using this. They are not dangerous, but you should prevent your bearded dragon from becoming overweight. High-fat content cause obesity in your bearded dragon.

Therefore, it is better to offer this food item to your pet as a treat. You can also combine calci worms with some other insects. To be honest, bearded dragon-like variation anyway. Beardies will get bored eating the same things continuously.

Can calci worms be a staple diet for bearded dragons?

No, it can not be a staple diet. You can only feed this to your bearded dragon only on occasion.

Is it reasonable to dust Calci worms?

Yes, you can dust with vitamin supplements to meet the nutritional needs of bearded dragons. But you can’t dust with calcium because this can be dangerous for bearded dragons. As they already contain high content of calcium. There are also some related questions about the calci worms and bearded dragons. They are discussed below.

Can we store calci worms?

When you purchase Calci worms, you may think about how to store them in the house. At the start, it may cause slight anxiety for a bearded dragon owner. The reality is, Calci worms need very little thought when it comes to storage. Do not worry about filling up your refrigerator with these worms.

It is really not required; in fact, you can keep them in the same pot you purchase them in and keep them at room temperate reality is they can tolerate high temperatures. That does not mean you should keep them at sky-high temperatures, though. On a hot day, you should keep these calci worms in an air-conditioned place to avoid being overly exposed.

Conversely, on a freezing day, they have been known to survive small stints in freezing cold conditions, but this is not necessarily the ideal situation for them. You may wonder what the ideal temperature should be for the calci worms.  You need to keep them at 50 – 60° to keep the worms at the optimal temperature.

For how many days do the calci worms stay alive?

In reality, Calci worms are pretty good. They can last a few weeks left at room temperature. I mentioned this earlier as one of their main benefits, in fact. For a few weeks, they stay as worms and then turn into flies.

 Can Calci worms climb?

Yes, they can climb. When you put them in a pot, there are chances of climbing out. You can also avoid this by a simple way. Use a dry dish for these worms. This can reduce the chance of calci worms coming out. They also wriggle. Their movement attracts bearded dragons, that’s why these are ideal for beardies.

Do Calci worms turn into flies?

Yes, there are chances that the calci worms will turn into flies. These flies are also harmless, like calci worms.

Can baby bearded dragons eat calci worms? 

Yes, the baby bearded dragons can eat calci worms. They are also beneficial for baby bearded dragons.


Calci worm is a delicious diet for bearded dragons. It also has nutritional benefits for bearded dragons. It is easy to maintain. It has a good ratio of calcium and phosphorus. Don’t feed this as a staple. Avoid feeding it in high portions. Serve calci worms to your bearded dragon as a treat and in moderation. Its high content may cause obesity due to its high fat content.

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