Can Bearded Dragons Eat Butterflies?
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Butterflies?

There are various food items that the bearded dragons can eat. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Butterflies?” The things that the beardies can have include greens, veggies, a number of insects, some fruits, and some there foodstuff. Some of these are regular portion of diet of bearded dragons, that your bearded dragons can eat on daily basis.

Some of these items are only Occasional treat for bearded dragons that the bearded dragons can have in moderate amount and occasionally. Yes, Bearded Dragons can eat butterflies. In fact, it is also reported that Bearded Dragon love to have butterflies.

Can bearded dragons eat butterfly larvae?

No, they can not eat because these caterpillars don’t possess a chitin layer and also have fleshy soft bodies. These are not nutritious for bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat adult butterflies?

Yes, they can eat because the adult stages of butterflies have a (chitin) layer that is very hard to digest than larvae counterparts.

Benefits of butterflies for bearded dragons/ nutritional value of butterflies

Butterflies are nutritious for bearded dragons like the other feeder insects. They are rich in protein and some other nutrients. Protein is essential for the growth of bearded dragons. The butterflies also contain a good ratio of calcium or phosphorus. Therefore, it can be a part of bearded dragon’s diet. 

There are some points to keep in mind while feeding your beardies butterflies.
First, you should make sure you are feeding a safe butterfly to your bearded dragon. It is very important to do research before feeding butterflies to your bearded dragon because some butterflies are poisonous. Butterflies are very small creature, so you must make sure that your beardie does not choke on it.

As the bearded dragons are very sensitive little pet therefore, before feeding any thing to your pet, go through a proper research that will help to maintain your bearded dragon’s health. For this purpose, you can choke them into very small pieces. Finally, another important thing to keep in mind is that butterflies contain huge amount of protein, so you should give them in moderate amount.

Huge amount of protein can cause health issues for your bearded dragon, so it is best for your bearded dragon to consume it in moderation. Overall, giving your Bearded Dragon butterflies is safe, and can be a enriching experience and fun for your little beardie. Just do a proper research before feeding them anything.

Can baby bearded dragons eat butterflies?

Yes, the baby bearded dragon can eat butterflies. It is beneficial for their health. It contains proteins that are important for the little beardie to grow.

Best staple live feeder insects for bearded dragons

They are the best feeder insects that contain a good amount of nutrients and are beneficial for bearded dragons.

As a Bearded Dragon owner, you should know what best food items your bearded dragons can eat instead of butterflies. Understanding your pet’s nutritional requirements is the key to provide a varied, healthy and a nutritious foodstuff to them.

Live feeder insects are important part of bearded dragon’s diet as they contain a lot of nutrients that your pet needs for their health. Dubia roaches, crickets, hornworms, super worms, mealworms, wax worms, black soldier fly larvae, butter worms and silk worms are the insects that are more nutritious for bearded dragon’s health.

Bugs that are toxic for bearded dragons

Some bugs are harmful and toxic for bearded dragons. It is important to identify those bugs. 


The bearded dragons are omnivores and can not a wide variety of animals and plants. The butterflies are safe for adult and baby bearded dragons only in moderation. They are beneficial for bearded dragons. But make sure to chop them properly before feeding. One more this is not a regular diet for your bearded dragons due to excess protein. So, you should only give butterflies to your bearded dragons in moderation. 

In large amounts, this can be deadly for bearded dragons. The monarch butterfly is toxic for your bearded dragons so, avoid feeding it to your bearded dragon. You can purchase the safe butterflies from online retailers or reputable pet stores.

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