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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Avocados?

All of us love eating avocados, you may be thinking if your Bearded Dragon can also intake avocados. “Can Bearded Dragons Eat Avocados?” Some food items might be harmful to your bearded dragon, and that’s why you have to do thorough research before deciding to give any specific food item to your pet. For example, avocados are good for humans, but when this comes to Bearded Dragons, it will be a different item.

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Nutrients in avocados

Before you decide to feed avocados to your pet or any other foodstuff, it is important to know the nutrients they contain first.

 100 grams of Avocados contain the following nutrients, according to the USDA.

• Water: 73.23g

• Total fat: 14.7g

• Dietary fiber: 6.7g

• Energy: 160kcal

• Calcium: 12mg

• Phosphorus: 52mg

• Protein: 2g

• Vitamin C: 10mg

• Vitamin E: 2.07mg

• Vitamin A: 7µg

• Total folate: 81µg

• Ca:P ratio: 1:4.3

This fruit has high fats and carbohydrates levels; as shown above. Avocados also contain more calcium content than phosphorus, this is unfavorable for the Bearded dragons.

Can bearded dragons eat Avocados?

No, Bearded Dragons cannot eat Avocados as these are high in Oxalic acid, even a little piece of this can make your pet sick. You may also read: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Red Peppers? Oxalic acid binds to Calcium, then prevents the beardie’s body to absorb it.

Bearded Dragons require Calcium for the development of bone and some other important functions in the pet’s body. If they do not get enough calcium, this may cause Metabolic Bone Disease. Another trouble with Avocados is that it has too much Phosphorus. Phosphorus functions in the same way as oxalic acid; these work against Calcium and prevents its absorption.

That is not all, Avocados contain too much fat, and excess fat can cause obesity.  So, it is best to avoid this fruit for health reasons. Avocados are an unnecessary choice of food item for Bearded Dragons as they can be fatal to bearded dragons. If the small quantities of Avocados can make your beardie sick, then a high dose of this fruit is more dangerous and can kill your little lizard.

Also check: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mango? There are still a lot in the Avocados that make this fruit dangerous for the bearded dragons. It contains a fungicidal toxin known as pepsin that is fatal to animals on some levels. The birds should never eat Avocados as they are more prone to pepsin.

What to do If your Bearded Dragon eats Avocados unintentionally?

Your Bearded Dragon can eat Avocados accidentally from the compound when it is out for a walk. A pet sitter can also add Avocados to the Bearded Dragon diet, unaware of their toxicity.vWhen it occurs, it may bring a lot of trouble. But I suggest encouraging and calming yourself and also taking quick action. 

First of all, you should call an experienced pet veterinarian and discuss your pet’s case. A reptile vet should know if your pet needs an emergency. You have to keep an eye on your Bearded Dragon and analyze any abnormal behaviors, especially respiratory problems. Give your bearded dragon a bath, trying to remove the poisons of Avocado.

Moreover, it is also beneficial to serve your Bearded Dragons a lot of water by a syringe. As water will assist to remove the poison from the bearded dragon’s system. Beware that Avocados are packed with Oxalic acid, and this Oxalic acid is harmful to the bearded dragons so be careful.

Can bearded dragons eat Avocado leaves?

No, Bearded Dragons cannot eat Avocados leaves at all. As, both the bark and leaves of Avocado have pepsin compounds like the fruit itself. Now, this is clear that every item with Avocados is dangerous as far as Bearded Dragons are concerned. 

So, while using avocado in your diet, just make sure to dispose of the remains properly to prevent the lizard from accessing this fruit at any time. If you have doubt that the pet has eaten Avocado or any part of it,  inform a reptile vet quickly. 

What to give your Bearded Dragon apart from this fruit?

Now, we know that Avocado is not acceptable food for Bearded Dragons, what can the bearded dragon eat instead?. As you know Bearded Dragons are omnivores,  this is a bonus for them As they can eat a vast variety of food items, including insects, greens, fruits, and vegetables.

Instead of giving your Bearded Dragon avocados, you can feed them apples, strawberries, bell pepper, raspberries, etc. All these mentioned fruits are safe and  provide the bearded dragons with the essential nutrients, these are delicious too 

Vegetables can provide a huge quantity of vitamins and minerals to Bearded Dragons, and that is why you should include veggies in the diet of your pet. Here are some vegetables which you can give to your bearded dragons; carrots, zucchini, collard greens, cilantro, etc.

If you want that your bearded dragon lives long and stay healthy, make sure to give a safe and healthy diet at all times. Avoid giving avocados, rhubarb, lettuce, Spinach, fireflies, and beet tops at any cost. These are all poisonous to Bearded Dragons.


I hope you have realized now why you should not give avocados to Bearded Dragons. Summarizing this, Avocados contain several compounds, including Oxalic acid, Pepsin, disproportionate Ca : P ratio, and high-fat content, this makes them off from the menu for your bearded dragon.

They are toxic for the bearded dragons and cause health issues such as respiratory distress, vomiting, diarrhea, and finally death. There is no need or benefit to feeding these fruits to your little pet, and you should avoid them entirely for your lizard’s safety. Many more available fruits and veggies are more nutritious and safe for Bearded Dragons.

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