Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus
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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus?

Asparagus is one of the healthy vegetables but is it good for your Bearded Dragon to eat? If so, do asparagus offers your Bearded Dragon any benefits when compared with other available veggies and greens you are offering? In this article, we will cover all your queries about feeding asparagus to bearded dragons. So, after reading this you will make a good decision before giving it to your Bearded Dragons.

So can bearded dragons eat asparagus? Bearded Dragons can eat asparagus safely. Many reptile nutritionists suggest that you should not feed Asparagus to your beardie as a staple. This is mainly due to the low level of calcium and average content of oxalates that the asparagus contains.

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There is good news if your bearded dragon loves her vegetables on the bitter side then it will love to eat asparagus. Bearded Dragons can eat Asparagus on the weekly basis. This should not be consumed on daily basis, and also depends on what else is included in your bearded dragon’s diet plan in the given week, you might willing to give Asparagus after one week. Let’s move to discuss the benefits of the above-mentioned nutrition-packed veggie.

Benefits of Asparagus for bearded dragons

Following are some benefits that show Asparagus is good for your Bearded Dragon’s health: 

• Immune system. 

• Vitamin C and antioxidants help to keep the bearded dragons safe from inflammation and diseases.

• Digestion

 • Fiber will assist them to run as they should. 

• Kidney function

Asparagus has Potassium, that assist strengthens the kidney and muscle function. It also contains a surprising water content (92%) which of course keeps the bearded dragons hydrated while assisting the kidney function. 

• Blood and cells

 Vitamin E prevents inflammations and builds up the cells that are damaged, while Vitamin K regulates blood clotting and Folate promotes cell functions and tissue growth.

• Strong muscles.

 A little amount of protein in Asparagus helps your Bearded Dragon to grow stronger.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus Daily?

Unfortunately, Asparagus has some setbacks. Let’s look at the harmful aspects of Asparagus for your bearded dragons.  

Too little Calcium content, too much Phosphorus content.

Bearded dragons require a lot of Calcium in the diet. Asparagus has a very low amount of calcium, that’s why it is not a staple veggie. The second thing is even more concerning Asparagus contains more Phosphorus than Calcium.

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This is harmful to your Bearded Dragon because Phosphorus will prevent the Calcium content from being absorbed in the blood. In this case, if your bearded dragon ingests a lot of foodstuff with more Phosphorus than Calcium, he may develop Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD), which is a dangerous condition for the bearded dragons.

So, definitely to maintain the health of your bearded dragon feed this vegetable weekly or less than this duration depending on the other foods that your bearded eating that week. For example, this week if your bearded dragon is eating a lot of Bell Peppers, that contain more Phosphorus than Calcium then you should save Asparagus for another week.   

 Oxalates content in Asparagus

Asparagus contains Oxalates, this ingredient can cause too many problems for Bearded Dragons. It can prevent Calcium absorption as phosphorus does and also cause MBD( Metabolic Bone Disease), That’s why it is vital to limit Asparagus, especially when your Bearded Dragon has recently ingested some food item with (moderate to the high content of) Oxalates. Even if your bearded dragon loves this vegetable, it is good to be safe than the sorry.

Can bearded dragons eat raw or cooked asparagus?

You can feed your beardie raw or cooked asparagus. Although it is generally better to give Bearded Dragons raw produce. The cooking process lessens the amount of Oxalates but it also diminishes the Vitamins, so whether you want to serve it in cooked or raw form is up to you.

How to serve the asparagus to bearded dragons?

Following are some tips to remember when giving your Bearded Dragon asparagus: 

• When you decide to serve this, buy the organic Asparagus and assure that the Asparagus is entirely washed before doing anything with this veggie. 

• If you cook this veggie, cook without oil,  pepper, salt, or any other ingredient. These can make the bearded dragon sick. 

• Chop the cooked or raw Asparagus into tiny pieces so your Bearded Dragon won’t choke. 

Asparagus can be a good supplement in the Bearded Dragon’s diet if given properly. Giving it weekly will assist your bearded dragon in maintaining the proper intake of Calcium to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease.


Asparagus is a healthy veggie to feed your bearded dragon and it gives many benefits to your pet such as vitamins, minerals, etc. However, it is not recommended to feed asparagus on daily basis to your beardies to the bad calcium and phosphorus ratio. But, you can serve properly cooked or raw asparagus once a week as a treat.


Can bearded dragons eat cooked asparagus?

Yes, the bearded dragons can eat cooked asparagus but you can serve this after a week in a proper way.

Can bearded dragons eat raw asparagus?

Yes, the bearded dragons can eat raw asparagus in moderate amount 

Some other veggies that are considered safe for bearded dragons:

There are many other veggies that are safe for your Bearded Dragon to eat, these are the following.

• bell peppers



• celery

• kale

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