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Can Bearded Dragon Eat Cicadas?

Birds, snakes, dogs, cats, and even folks are also using the Cicada incursion of 2022 to feast. However, the dragon owners are curious to know if their bearded dragon can join this. Or maybe your bearded dragon has already eaten a cicada and you are tensed to know this, Can Bearded Dragon Eat Cicadas?

Bearded dragons actually love to eat cicadas.  And cave, cicadas are absolutely a safe protein-loaded insect for the bearded dragon to the feast?  So, there occur some truth tables you should know before permitting your bearded dragon to run through the garden and ingest these noisy insects. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cicadas

Harmful chemicals.

Cicadas specifically, about wild cicadas Brood X, it is important to know where dragons have been. They might come in contact with garden chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers harmful to dragons. If you want to feed your bearded dragon Cicada, you should make sure that this cicada has not been contacted with chemicals or any dangerous pesticides or fertilizers.

Maybe you live in a place where not lots of humans use garden remedies or you have a huge property and also you do not use fertilizers. Use your pleasant judgment, regardless of the case. If your bearded dragon eats Cicada that is infected with chemical substances, your dragon should turn out to be ill or maybe die.

It’s constantly an awesome concept to present your vet a name in case you wonder if your dragon has consumed chemical substances or in case you witness any extraordinary conduct on your bearded dragons, like lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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External skeleton: 

Cicadas have hard outer shells that are very difficult for a bearded dragon to digest and have the risk of gut impaction. If you feed your dragon a cicada, it’s best first you should trim its exoskeleton and then serve it to your pet.


Bearded dragons can not eat large insects. Cicadas were 1 inch long in the past, so consider this, especially if you are the owner of a smaller bearded dragon. The only solution is to wait until your dragon becomes older then you can feed y, our pet large insects.

Can bearded dragons eat wild cicadas?

 In general, it isn’t always an awesome concept to give your dragon wild insects. Wild insects may be vendors of diseases and parasites. In this case, you don’t recognize where they were flying. They might have close to insecticides or different risky chemical substances that might poison your dragon. Since wild cicadas are probably vendors of diseases and parasites, it’s now no longer a great concept to feast on wild cicadas for your bearded dragon. 

Is eating cicada shells bad for bearded Dragons

Your dragons can consume cicada shells. Dragons want to consume some percent of their food plan in the shape of calcium and different minerals as a way to live healthily. Some proprietors feed their dragons the best veggies without understanding that it isn’t sufficient for them. If you do determine to feed your bearded dragon cicadas, it’s far crucial to eliminate the shell once you feed them so that they don’t by chance swallow it and choke

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Can bearded dragons eat dead cicadas?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat dead cicadas. However, you can only feed your bed fresh insects rather than those that have been exposed to the sun for a few days because it can harm your bearded dragon. Always be careful before feeding dead cicadas to your pets.

Can bearded dragons eat cicada eggs?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat cicada eggs as part of their diet. However, it is important to note that cicada eggs should be offered in moderation as a occasional treat and not as a staple food. A balanced diet for a bearded dragon should consist primarily of leafy greens, vegetables, and insects.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cicada Wings? 

You can feed your bearded dragon cicada wings, however, you have to eliminate the wing before giving it to your dragon. The complete cicada legs are secure for your pet to ingest. (even though a few dragon owners does not suggest feeding the cicada wings due to the probability of impaction). 

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Cicadas? 

Yes, you can feed cicadas to your baby bearded dragon. They are a pleasing diet for baby dragons due to the fact they flavor good and they have a smooth texture that facilitates them in feeding. However, compare to adult dragons, you have to offer your baby pet cicadas which you have stuck yourself in order to lesson diseases. 

Bearded dragons can not eat dead cicadas, cicadas shells, or cicada wings due to the fear of impaction. Baby dragons can only eat cicadas’ bodies and can not eat shells because their shells are difficult to digest and digestive system problems may occur.

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What to do when cicada noise scares my bearded dragon?

At nearly 100 DB, a male cicada’s sound is louder than a grass cutter /lawn trimmer. Your bearded dragon may disturb by these new sounds, here are some useful tips you can do to relax your bearded dragon.

  • Bearded dragon burrito. Wrap up your dragon in a blanket or towel and keep her close to you. The owner who holds their pet in this way becomes successful to calm down their bearded dragon.
  • Bath time. Some bearded dragons love water, a good bath does a good job to relax your pet.
  • Darkness. Sometimes turn off the lamp for a little to calm and relax your pet’s anxiety, and turn it back after a while.

The bottom line:

 It’s not a good concept to make a habit out of serving wild insects to your bearded dragon. However, the cicada is a harmless and healthy treat. So, make a good decision if your bearded dragon can eat a single cicada or two from the Brood X. 

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